Shiba Inu Lead Unveils WAGMI Temple Alpha: Explore the Metaverse

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Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, has launched a new website and brand for SHIB, The Metaverse. The website features a preview of the WAGMI Temple Alpha, which allows supporters to purchase Metaverse lands smoothly during the first land sale phase.

Yesterday, through his official Twitter handle, Kusama announced the new website and branding for SHIB, and he sought the views of community members on the recent development.

By visiting the website, one can find the chance to obtain Metaverse properties and also see a preview of the WAGMI Temple Alpha Flyover trailer, which offers a sneak peek into the future Metaverse environment.

The trailer provides a 112-second glimpse into the WAGMI Temple, showcasing a serene environment decorated with lush greenery, impressive mountains, crystal-clear waters, and Japanese-style temples. The breathtaking graphics demonstrate the use of the Unreal Engine.

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However, users can only purchase land by integrating a Metamask wallet, which has caused some users to request more wallet options. Additionally, to bid or purchase land, users must have Ethereum (ETH) and lock up their DogeKiller (LEASH) or SHIBOSHI tokens for the first two stages of the early sale phase.

Notably, there are three phases in the preliminary sales stage: the Bid Event, Holders Event, and Public Sales. The Bid Event will last three days, during which participants can bid on Metaverse lands. This stage offers users a unique chance to acquire their first set of lands.

The Holders Event, which will take place for 7 days, allows participants who couldn’t acquire lands in the Bid Event to purchase them without participating in auction-style bidding. During this event, lands will be sold at fixed prices. However, it’s essential to note that only holders of LEASH and SHIBOSHIS tokens will be allowed to participate in both the Bid and Holders Events.

The Public Sale is the last part of the initial land sale phase and is available to everyone without any conditions. In contrast to the Bid and Holders Events, participants do not need to possess or freeze LEASH or SHIBOSHIS tokens to participate in the Public Sale. It allows anyone interested in purchasing Metaverse lands to do so.

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