Shiba Inu: Bad Idea AI Suffers 40% Crash Alongside Shibarium’s Launch in Shiba Inu’s Ecosystem

Shiba Inu Collaborates with Bad Idea AI to Launch AI Solution for Shibarium

The highly anticipated Shibarium project, a significant milestone for Shiba Inu, was finally unveiled following the successful mainnet launch. Regrettably, the excitement of the launch quickly soured as the tokens within the SHIB ecosystem suffered substantial declines. Shiba Inu witnessed a sharp 10% drop, Bone experienced a staggering crash of 20%, and Leash plummeted by nearly 25%. 

Consequently, on the very day of the Shibarium launch, the overall SHIB ecosystem faced a collective loss of approximately 55%.

Adding to the challenges, Bad Idea AI, an innovative venture that blends blockchain and artificial intelligence, and had previously revealed its collaboration with Shibarium earlier this year, faced a substantial decline, losing over 40% of its valuation.

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Bad Idea AI Plummets by 40% Following Shibarium’s Launch

Shortly after the Shibarium mainnet became operational on Wednesday, Bad Idea AI (BAD) experienced a significant drop in value. The project is notably integrated with the Shibarium network. Earlier this year, it declared its intent to function as a bridge, aiming to leverage meme coins and transition them into substantial tokens with practical applications through the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Nonetheless, putting money into Bad Idea AI currently appears ill-advised, considering its substantial crash over the past 12 hours. The nature of this dip, whether it’s a healthy correction or another instance of a pump-and-dump scheme, remains uncertain. The forthcoming days will play a pivotal role in determining the trajectory of BAD and its role within the Shibarium network’s ecosystem.

Bad Idea AI isn’t the sole project integrated into Shibarium. The Layer-2 network boasts a variety of projects poised to initiate development on the Shibarium platform.

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