Shibarium: Shytoshi Denies Bridge Issue, Blames Massive Traffic


Shiba Inu’s highly awaited layer-2 solution, Shibarium, encountered a launch that didn’t meet the anticipated standards. This prompted the community to exercise caution as a range of accounts surfaced, discussing potential issues with the bridge. In the aftermath, numerous tweets emerged highlighting network challenges and what appeared to be a setback for the project shortly after its introduction. However, Shytoshi Kusama, the leading developer behind the network, dispelled these rumors and uncertainties.

Taking to Twitter, Shytoshi Kusama shared a blog post titled “Shibarium: ALL IS WELL.” Within the comprehensive blog entry, the developer successfully allayed all fears, tackled circulating concerns, and unequivocally affirmed that the bridge was operating seamlessly without any issues.

Amidst an array of speculations, a screenshot purportedly depicting Kusama acknowledging errors began circulating, contributing to the market’s tumult. However, the developer swiftly countered this assertion, categorically denying the veracity of any statements attributed to him in this context. He further extended reassurance, affirming the security of all investors’ investments.

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Shibarium’s Delay Attributed to Traffic Surge, Team Bolsters Scalability Efforts

The lead developer acknowledged that the delay was attributed to an unforeseen surge in traffic. The simultaneous influx of both transactions and users upon the launch of Shibarium posed a significant technical challenge. Importantly, he clarified that the root cause did not originate from Shibarium itself. Addressing the situation, he expressed:

“ShibArmy’s influence has extended to impacting major exchanges, websites, and other platforms. Our decentralized team is now fully experiencing the formidable power of ShibArmy for the first time. Despite our initial readiness with validators on autoscale upon the announcement, our tireless team continues to enhance scalability and uplift the chain to accommodate the substantial influx from our decentralized community.”

Additionally, in collaboration with Alchemy’s enterprise plan, the network had initially allocated 400 million compute units per month. Yet, during the launch phase, an unexpected surge overwhelmed the system, consuming over 160 million compute units within a mere half-hour timeframe. If this pace persists, projections indicate the network could reach daily figures in the billions of computing units. This trajectory aligns with the activity levels observed in the most active Layer 2 blockchains.


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Amid these developments, the Shiba Inu developer extended an appeal to the community for patience as the team diligently worked to bolster the network’s scalability. He also urged the community to dismiss any unwarranted FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). Amidst these ongoing efforts, SHIB was observed trading at $0.000008905, reflecting a notable 7.63% surge in daily trading figures.

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