New Shiba Inu Partner, Bad Idea AI Passes Smart Contract Security Audit

New Shiba Inu Partner, Bad Idea AI Passes Smart Contract Security Audit

Bad Idea AI’s solidity code has been thoroughly examined by InterFi, a well-known blockchain security firm. The investigation, which included both automatic and manual inspections, concentrated on finding widespread contract weaknesses and centralized exploits. This assessment was carried out at Bad Idea AI’s request.

The auditing team at InterFi has finished their thorough investigation and published a detailed report via their official Twitter account. InterFi affirms that Bad Idea AI’s smart contract is safe and free of significant flaws.

The study contains encouraging news because InterFi found no serious or serious critical bugs in the solidity code of Bad Idea AI. This result shows that the linked Bad Idea AI smart contract is secure and may be utilized with confidence by people and organizations.

The Bad Idea AI smart contract is very hard to abuse because there are no serious weaknesses. Users may be guaranteed that their funds and data are secure because the contract is set up to guard against any conceivable manipulation or loss. BAD was complimented by Shiba Inu Team member Lucie for passing the audit.

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Bad Idea AI Partnership with Shiba Inu

Following the Shiba Inu team’s official announcement of Bad Idea AI as a collaborator, this development occurred just a few days later. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and decentralized autonomous organizations are all combined in the revolutionary initiative known as Bad Idea AI. All Bad Idea AI services and goods have now been made available on the official Shib website, which was done before this partnership.

Following the announcement of the partnership, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have added listings for BAD, the native token of Bad Idea AI. Three decentralized exchanges, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, and Uniswap, are now offering BAD for trading.

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