Baby Doge Finally Launches NFTs


The Baby Doge and cryptocurrency community are enthusiastic about the latest crypto and NFT developments. Baby Doge’s 3D NFTs have finally gone live. The unique NFTs have been in the spotlight for some time, especially on the BNB Chain, concentrating on the $50,000 USDT reward that whitelisted users could win.

Baby Doge 3D NFTs now Live

Baby Doge had initially announced the news on 14th April 2022 via its official Twitter handle, with an image of what the 3D NFTs would look like. After much expectations in the crypto and NFTs space, Baby Doge The NFT mint went live on 20 April at 20:20 UTC. 

Furthermore, whitelisted users were urged to visit the NFT page to purchase at least one Babydoge NFT. However, they are not restricted to one NFT as the maximum purchase is three. As for the $50,000 reward, one lucky whitelisted winner would be selected by the meme coin.

More Information About Baby Doge NFTs

The total collection of NFTs is 10,000 unique Baby Doges. Each image is characteristically different and is generated from over 200 possible traits. These traits include the eyes, headwear, mouth, fur clothing, hats, glasses, etc. 

Furthermore, the collection is stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and the floor price for one mint is 0.14 ETH. It is essential to note that whitelisted users have minted over 30% of the Baby Doges. 

Binance Makes Baby Doge Tracking Easy

Baby Doge Coin received another massive development boost in the crypto market. Binance recently released a feature that would allow users to track the price of $BABYDOGE. 

Therefore, users can now check the live crypto price chart of the protocol’s native token by visiting the “BabyDoge Price Live Data page” on Binance. According to BSCDaily’s Twitter post on April 18, Binance also has a guide for users to learn how to purchase $BABYDOGE.

Football Legend Ronaldinho Collaborates With BabyDoge

While the Baby Doge Coin community is yet to recover from the launch of its NFT collection, one of the world’s best football superstars, Ronaldinho Gaucho, has committed to Baby Doge. The Brazilian legend took to Twitter to announce his intent to launch an NFT collection in partnership with Baby Doge.

Ronaldinho looks to use his influence combined with Baby Doge’s colossal community to promote the NFT launch. 

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