Baby Doge Reveals 3D NFTs for Ecosystem

Baby Doge listed as number 1 trending project on Certik Leaderboard 

NFT holders are in for a surprise by Baby Doge. The famous memecoin with multiple use-cases plans to allow holders to own unique 3D versions of their NFTs. Additionally, the platform is ready to give away $50,000 to one lucky whitelisted winner.

The platform’s official NFTs Twitter handle showcased an image of what the 3D NFTs would look like. In addition, the collection contains 10,000 baby doges built on the Ethereum blockchain that allowed users can only mint on April 20.

Baby Doge’s Popularity to Rise 

Users can join the whitelist using the Baby Doge NFT website to enter the giveaway. The platform will notify lucky winners and upload the list of all the whitelisted addresses on April 15.

This is not the first time Baby Doge has given out this information. In November 2021, the memecoin teased the collection by dropping several eye-catching images on its official Twitter handle. Finally, the well-anticipated collection is appearing on the blockchain with huge benefits on top of the 3D variation.

In addition, this surprise is expected to make waves because the protocol has one of the largest communities on the BNB Chain. Hence, Baby dogecoin is gradually building another case for more popularity in the crypto space.

The Baby Dogecoin NFT website displays the countdown for minting, and each NFT will be minted at 0.14 ETH when it goes live.

Baby Doge’s Current Market

Baby Dogecoin’s price today is $0.000000002571 with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,776,650.  Additionally, the memecoin has been up 2.48% in the last 24 hours.

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