BabyDoge remains the biggest Memecoin on the BSC Ecosystem


According to the latest data, BabyDoge has experienced a massive rise in recent months and remains the biggest Memecoin on BNB Chain.

Memecoins were once viewed as worthless projects that come and go in a blink. But after the 2021 cryptocurrency prices surge that saw a lot of the said memecoins gain much attention, many investors are beginning to see the huge potential in some memecoins. 

Binance Smart Chain hosts the highest number of memecoins in the cryptocurrency space. And BabyDoge has established itself as the most popular and biggest project among the BSC memecoins.  

How Is BabyDoge Doing Currently?

Baby doge has become the new hot coin of investors in recent weeks, reaching 82% in the first days of 2022 alone. In the last month, it is already up 200%, according to data by CoinMarketCap.

Reaching the impressive milestone of 1.2 million users, BabyDoge has posted incredible highs since late December, causing many to believe in the project’s potential.

Also, recall that the fast-rising canine-themed meme coin built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) revealed on its official Twitter handle that it was listed as the top trending project on the Certik security leaderboard on March 22.

One of its recent wins was completing the April token burn, which saw about 3.2 quadrillions of the token sent to dead wallet. This burn was one of the series of monthly burns by the project to drastically reduce the total asset in circulation. 

The token currently trades at $0.00000000266 currently, with a 6.46% rise within the last 24 hours.

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