XRP vs Warren: Can Deaton Take Down the Crypto Critic?


The XRP community, alongside Ripple CEO, has rallied behind Attorney Deaton to accept the challenge of unseating anti-crypto senator Elizabeth Warren. 

According to Politico’s findings, no prominent figure from the Republican party has stepped up to challenge the anti-crypto stance of Warren. 

The crypto community is calling for a candidate to address these concerns and bring a more crypto-friendly perspective to politics.

Deaton Urged to Embrace the Challenge

In response to the Politico report, prominent crypto influencer Eri has called on lawyer John Deaton from the XRP community to accept the challenge.

In a tweet expressing confidence in Deaton and the pro-crypto community, Eri expressed that the anti-crypto senator and her supporters would face formidable opposition with Deaton leading the charge.

“We call on John Deaton to run,” Eri asserted.

Ripple CEO and XRP Community Rally Behind Deaton

The tweet, shared yesterday, has garnered widespread support from prominent figures in the crypto community. Their support was evidenced by retweets expressing support for John Deaton.

Notably, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse joined the chorus by retweeting the post. This suggests he endorses the notion of Deaton running against Senator Warren and potentially securing victory.

Pro-XRP lawyers, including Attorney Jeremy Hogan, have encouraged Deaton to accept the challenge.

John Deaton has yet to disclose whether he will accept the challenge to unseat Senator Warren.

Deaton’s Vocal Critique of Senator Warren

Attorney John Deaton has been a vocal critic of Senator Elizabeth Warren, primarily due to her anti-crypto stance. Deaton is an advocate for the XRP community. He has consistently spotlighted Senator Warren as a significant threat to the freedom of U.S. citizens.

Deaton accused Senator Warren of neglecting her duty in the past month by not engaging in congressional oversight of the SEC. He pointed to her failure to inquire about SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s numerous meetings with crypto entrepreneur Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF).

Furthermore, Deaton accused Senator Warren of disregarding the concerns of her constituents. This included over 600 XRP holders who urged her to investigate the SEC’s legal action against Ripple. 

Despite these pleas, Warren has maintained her anti-crypto stance. She recently introduced a bill proposing a de facto ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

With the U.S. election season approaching, it remains to be seen whether Deaton will accept the challenge to unseat Senator Warren, who has held her position for over a decade.

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