Ripple Ends 2023 with Memetastic Challenge, XRP Ledger Breaks Record


Ripple Labs Inc. and its developer community, RippleX, initiated the #builtonXRPL Challenge as 2023 drew to a close. 

This innovative campaign inspires developers and community members to engage in a meme-centric challenge, demonstrating their wit and creativity.

Ripple: The Memetastic Challenge

Ripple’s Memetastic Challenge is also known as the #builtonXRPL Challenge. It invites participants to craft memes featuring the #builtonXRPL badge for a chance to win an exciting trip to the Apex Developers Summit. 

RippleX utilised the X platform to announce the challenge, urging developers to submit their most creative memes within the given timeframe.

This challenge is a fun way to wrap up the year and shows the collaborative and inventive ethos that characterises the Ripple ecosystem. 

As social media feeds fill with these humorous creations, it becomes evident that Ripple’s year-end festivities are not merely a celebration of technology but a tribute to the individuals driving its development.

Ripple Community Awaits Evernode Airdrop in Mid-January

The Memetastic Challenge follows an earlier announcement urging the XRP community to register for an upcoming airdrop linked to Evernode

Evernode is a layer-two smart contract platform on the Xahau Network. While registrations for EVERS have already concluded, the actual airdrops are set to commence in mid-January.

XRPL account holders with XRP holdings up to 50 million are eligible for rewards, with exclusions for significant whale investors like Ripple’s escrow account. 

The Evernode airdrop aims to actively involve the XRP community in establishing a sustainable smart contract ecosystem on the Xahau network, complete with hooks similar to those on other leading blockchains.

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XRP Ledger Sets New Year-End Transaction Record

As reported by XRPScan, the XRP Ledger concluded 2023 on a high note by achieving a record-breaking milestone on December 30. Processing an unprecedented 6.8 million daily transactions, the ledger surpassed its previous record set in November 2021. 

In a strategic move to enhance the blockchain’s capabilities further, Band Protocol, a leading data oracle platform, announced its integration with the XRP Ledger. 

This integration designates Band Protocol as the primary oracle provider for XRPL’s core network and its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain. The collaboration aims to enhance data reliability and strengthen infrastructure. It will particularly benefit the XRPL community’s initiatives in Decentralized Finance.

Adding to the ledger’s advancements, the XRP Ledger introduced the fixNFTokenRemint upgrade in November, a significant enhancement for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) functionality. 

This upgrade addresses challenges related to NFT sequence numbers and account deletion. It also bolsters the security and efficiency of the XRPL’s NFT ecosystem. Unique sequence numbers assigned to each NFT prevent collision scenarios, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the ledger’s NFT infrastructure.

Overall, 2023 marked substantial progress for the XRP Ledger, setting the stage for even more significant potential in 2024. 

According to Ripple CTO Joel Schwartz’s report, the Cross-Chain Bridge Amendment for XRP Ledger is slated for a vote next year. 

This amendment introduces the XRP Ledger EVM-compatible sidechain, a collaborative effort between Ripple and Peersyst that will be a crucial link between the XRP Ledger and the Ethereum ecosystem.

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