Ripple: Quarterly Report Reveals XRP Release Timeline 


In its most recent quarterly report on XRP holdings, Ripple presented a timeline outlining the potential conclusion of the public release of XRP into the market.

The report highlighted Ripple’s commitment to transparency, voluntarily offering updates on its XRP holdings. This disclosure encompasses information about the XRP Ledger, pertinent announcements, and market trends from the previous quarter.

Emphasising the significance of proactive communication and transparency, Ripple reiterated these principles as crucial components of responsible stakeholding.

Ripple’s Q3 Report: Insights into XRP Holdings 

In the Q3 market report, Ripple provided a comprehensive breakdown of its XRP holdings, classifying them into two distinct groups. 

The first category encompasses XRP stored in Ripple’s corporate accounts, serving as a balance available for discretionary operational needs. In contrast, the second category involves XRP tokens in Ripple’s escrow wallets, notable for their inaccessibility to the company. 

As of September’s conclusion, the spendable XRP balance stood at 5.25 billion tokens, while an additional 41 billion XRP tokens were held in the inaccessible wallet. This detailed disclosure shows Ripple’s commitment to transparency regarding its cryptocurrency holdings and financial operations.

Ripple: XRP Release Strategy Raises Community Concerns

It’s widely acknowledged that Ripple’s monthly release of one billion XRP from escrow, followed by sales, is part of its operational strategy. 

Notably, Ripple sold 892 million XRP between July and September. Recently, FX Crypto News reported that Ripple’s expenditure in December was 240M XRP.

Evaluating its XRP balance, Ripple anticipates the gradual release of approximately 40 billion escrowed XRP tokens over the next 42 months. The release will potentially conclude in early 2027. 

However, Ripple has a tradition of relocking most of the released XRP back into escrow, with 800 million locked monthly since August. This recurring practice implies that the cessation of the monthly XRP escrow release might extend beyond the initially projected 42 months. 

The prolonged pattern has raised concerns within the crypto community. Some interpret it as an extended call for continued funding from XRP holders. This has sparked discussions about the company’s funding strategy and its implications for the broader XRP community.

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