XRP Price Glitch on Crypto Exchanges Sets it at $5,805

XRP Price Glitch on Crypto Exchanges Sets it at $5,805

XRP token has experienced another price anomaly with videos circulating suggesting varying values ranging from $579 to $5,800.

This time, the price glitch was observed with the leading crypto trading platform -Binance.

In multiple posts on the X platform, many crypto enthusiasts acknowledged the price for the token display on the Binance exchange was at least a thousand times higher than usual. 

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$5,791 Price Glitch on Binance

Edward Farina – leader of social adoption for XRPHealthcare (XRPH), was first to discover the unfamiliar token pricing on Binance. She then took a bold step of making a short clip of Binance’s official website with the token unfamiliar pricing of  at $5,791 alongside other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB) which all maintained their usual price.

Interestingly, while the video was on, XRP’s price changed to $579 and back to $5791

Binance users across various locations worldwide shared screenshots attesting to Farina’s claim. Gee Viana, a Brazil-based software engineer, confirmed the XRP price glitch. His screenshot suggested XRP traded at $5,805.

Binance users confirms the XRP price glitch

Similarly, a crypto enthusiast using Binance from France also shared a screengrab mirroring Viana’s observed price of above $5,800 and likewise did Binance users from Netherland.

XRP Price Glitch Clarification

Amid the frenzy that followed the anomaly, an XRP Army suggested it was “a data refresh/decimal error.”

This view is accurate when considering that the price of XRP traded around $0.579 for most of the last 24 hours. Besides, none of the persons who noted to have spotted the glitch acknowledged executing any transaction. 

Moreover, XRP’s 24-hour growth percentage on Binance failed to reflect the “reality” of the $5,800 glitch. Notably, it remained around 3% despite oscillating between $579 and $5,800.

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