XRP Wallet -Xumm to Allow Users Purchase XRP With Zero Fees

Xumm to Allow Users Purchase XRP With Zero Fees

For a temporarily restricted period, Xumm, in partnership with Uphold, is enabling users to buy XRP tokens for zero fees.

Xumm -an XRPL-enabled non-custodial wallet, has proven its mucg support for XRP through a zero-fee promotion period launched in new partnership with Uphold, a popular crypto service provider. 

Xumm users taking advantage of the limited-time offer can buy XRP for free between October 30 and October 31 (PST). The offer can be accessed through the xTopper app on the Xumm wallet.

XRP Xumm and Topper to Onboard More Users

Though the offering to buy XRP for a zero gas fee is limited, the offering is enabled through a long-term integration. Specifically, Xumm recently integrated Topper, an on-ramp protocol developed by Uphold.

The offering enables Xumm users to buy XRP and other XRPL-supported assets with both debit and credit cards.

The core advantage that Xumm’s Topper integration has over other existing solutions is its focus on a high conversion rate. This means that users will have a higher successful transaction rate, thus eliminating the possibility of failed transactions.

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Xumm’s Topper integration also aims to become the preferred option for users in states within the United States and Canada, where it is typically difficult to on-ramp cryptocurrencies. The solution also supports major currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR, making it ideal for users in many countries.

With Xumm current boast of over 600,000 active users, this integration makes it a popular choice within the XRP community. Ideally, the new Uphold integration and access to new regions could potentially attract more new users to the platform.
Meanwhile, Topper is not the only fiat on-ramp option that Xumm has recently integrated. In May, Xumm added over 100 payment methods and has since added other partners such as SimpleSwap and GateHub. These numerous options make it easier for users to buy XRP and also onboard the XRPL ecosystem.

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