XRP: Analyst Explains Why $10 Milestone is Feasible

XRP's Impending Movement: Insights from Market Experts

EGRAG, a notable market analyst, has outlined short-term targets for XRP. He highlighted the significance of reaching these levels and provided insights into why achieving the $10+ goal is possible. 

The analyst shared these insights in a recent post, expressing optimism about the digital asset’s future. Before detailing the short-term targets, EGRAG mentioned the potential for bullish momentum should these targets be attained.

EGRAG Sets Ambitious Targets, Eyes $1 Milestone

EGRAG’s initial short-term objective is set at $0.6530. XRP recently reached this price but promptly retreated from it two days ago. 

Surpassing this level could propel XRP’s price towards the $0.6720 target, reflecting a 7.20% increase from its current value.

The analyst’s third target is the coveted $0.7000 psychological threshold, a level that XRP has consistently encountered resistance. XRP’s most recent attempt was on December 9, which proved unsuccessful. 

Despite this, EGRAG envisions a broader perspective beyond these immediate targets. EGRAG’s analysis centres on the $1 milestone, emphasising a projection beyond numerical goals. 

Hitting $1, according to EGRAG, is not merely an objective. It signifies establishing a robust foundation and ensuring that XRP maintains a steady position above this level for an extended period.

Why $10 for XRP Is Attainable

EGRAG, the analyst, delves into the rationale behind the ambitious $10 target. He cited mathematical dynamics that make such milestones feasible and potentially easier. 

Drawing parallels between percentage moves at different price points, EGRAG emphasises comparable challenges. He used examples to illustrate the correlation between moves below $1 and those from $1 to $100. 

The analyst believes that if XRP can rally 10x from $0.1 to $1, another 10x surge from $1 to $10 is feasible. EGRAG expresses confidence that individuals acquiring XRP below $1 today may achieve legendary status. 

Despite recent market fluctuations, XRP has maintained prices above the $0.62 level, with notable changes in volume and open interest.

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