XRP 2024 Projection If Bitcoin Hit $200,000 Post-Halving

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Google AI chatbot –Bard, has shed light on the anticipated price movement of XRP following the upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) halving. Given Bitcoin’s significant impact on the overall crypto market, its recent climb to $45,000 and subsequent dip to $40,500 had a ripple effect on the altcoin market.

With Bitcoin’s halving looming just four months away, various predictions have emerged. Notably, Matrixport suggests $125,000, while Martin Hiesboeck, Uphold’s head of research, envisions $200,000.

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Achieving these targets could potentially initiate a broader market bull run, positively affecting XRP. However, the precise magnitude of XRP’s potential surge post-halving remains uncertain.

XRP to $46.5?

Google Bard recognizes the challenges in forecasting XRP’s price post-Bitcoin halving. Nevertheless, considering historical patterns and current market dynamics, it envisions potential scenarios. 

For instance, it suggests that the token could reach $38.5 when Bitcoin hits $100,000, representing a remarkable growth rate surpassing 5,700% from XRP’s current price below $0.6.

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In a more optimistic scenario, Google Bard points to the potential for XRP to surge to $46.5 if Bitcoin reaches the $200,000 price target. This bullish rally would signify an uptick exceeding a 7,000% increase from XRP’s current valuation.

XRP Current Price Chart

Influencing Factor to XRP’s 2024 Surge

Google Bard’s projections consider various factors, drawing insights from historical data surrounding previous Bitcoin halving events. 

Notably, the chatbot underscores the potential impact of a broader market upswing on XRP. In particular, a robust bull market could attract new investors, fostering increased demand for altcoins like XRP.

Additionally, the resolution of the ongoing legal dispute between Ripple and the SEC stands out as a pivotal catalyst. A favorable resolution could significantly enhance investor confidence in the asset.

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Despite these considerations, Google Bard emphasizes the speculative nature of these projections, urging caution. It advises investors to carefully assess the broader market context and acknowledge existing uncertainties before making any investment decisions.

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