Will Shiba Inu Hit $0.0001011? Analyst Predicts Potential Surge

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Michael, a prominent technical analyst in the crypto market, predicts that Shiba Inu will reach a $0.0001011 price target following a breakout from its multi-month bull flag. Shiba Inu is currently striving to regain lost ground amid a broader market collapse. Since June 6, SHIB has seen sustained declines after retesting the $0.00002622 price threshold. This downturn is largely attributed to Bitcoin’s (BTC) fall, which has affected the entire market.

Formation Of The Bull Flag

However, from a larger perspective, Shiba Inu’s downtrend extends beyond recent weeks. Since dropping from $0.000045 on March 5, SHIB has experienced lower lows and lower highs on the weekly timeframe, as confirmed by Michael’s chart. This downward trend has persisted for over three months, leading to the formation of a bull flag. The pole of the flag formed when SHIB spiked 370% to $0.000045 in March, while the flag itself emerged from the ongoing downtrend.

This market structure typically indicates a pause in the uptrend, resulting in bearish consolidation or a downward trend before resuming the uptrend. For Shiba Inu to continue its uptrend, it must break above the downward channel formed by market turbulence. Michael anticipates this breakout to occur soon.

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Elliott Wave Pattern And Price Target

Known for his use of Elliott Wave structures to discuss price movements, Michael highlighted that SHIB is currently following a typical five-wave Elliott Wave pattern. According to him, Shiba Inu trades within the fourth wave, which usually features market declines.

However, he expects the fifth wave to begin with a breakout from the downward channel in the coming weeks. If this occurs, Michael projects a $0.00010114 price as the ultimate target for Shiba Inu upon completing Wave 5. This would represent a 398% increase from SHIB’s current value of $0.00002028.

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Currently, Shiba Inu aims to maintain the $0.00002 psychological support as it awaits a broader market rebound. A drop below this support would increase the distance SHIB needs to cover to reach the $0.00003 level during a resurgence. This would diminish Shiba Inu’s chances of reaching greater heights.

Over the weekend, SHIB saw renewed interest, with the Accumulation/Distribution metric recovering from 12.67 trillion to 14.16 trillion SHIB on Sunday. Additionally, Shiba Inu’s RSI, currently at 34.89, indicates room for significant price appreciation.

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