Shiba Inu Set for Monumental Rally to $0.00022, Says Top Trader

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Valeriya, a prominent crypto trader with a substantial community following, argues that Shiba Inu is set for a 1,000% surge this month. Shiba Inu has maintained the $0.000022 price level despite the ongoing market dip. Although it bottomed out at $0.00002112 in the last 24 hours, SHIB has seen slight relief, currently trading at $0.00002207. This value represents a more than 15% loss from the previous week but only a 1.75% decline over the last month. Optimism remains high for a significant turnaround in June.

In a post on X, crypto trader Valeriya claimed Shiba Inu is on track for a 10X rally this month. She highlighted Shiba Inu along with other high-performing tokens like Toncoin (TON) and PEPE as candidates for a 1,000% price increase. A 10X surge would set it a new historical path, potentially trading at $0.00022 with just three leading zeros. While such projections are popular, the specific timeline for June 2024 is less common.

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Other Analysts’ Projections

Shiba Inu community analyst SHIB Knight also suggested the asset could make history this June, targeting a value of $0.0001. This would require a 300% surge. SHIB Knight’s forecast is based on his observation of its market trends rather than mere speculation.

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Meanwhile, Shiba Inu’s ecosystem market specialist Lucie recently hinted at a potential price surge to $0.0002858 for SHIB, citing ongoing developments within its ecosystem. Drawing from past performance, such as the 1,126% rise in October 2021, Lucie believes the strengthened ecosystem could lead to an even greater increase. However, she did not provide a timeline for this optimistic outlook.

Extended Timeline From Analysts

Analysts from the Changelly crypto exchange predict Shiba Inu could reach $0.0002 by October 2028, revising an earlier forecast of $0.00024 by 2031. Similarly, Telegaon analysts project a minimum price of $0.000207 and an average of $0.000289 for SHIB in 2028. While a 10X surge driving Shiba Inu to $0.00022 this month is contestable, it remains possible given Shiba Inu’s history.

While the outlook for a 10X surge in June is debated, its past performance and ongoing developments keep the possibility alive.

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