VeChain CEO Emphasizes on the Services of the Project for Developers of Different Levels

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In a series of tweets, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu emphasized the platform’s services for different levels of “developers”. From his notes there are four levels – Level 0: Public Blockchain, Level 1: VeChain BaaS, Level 2: VeChain PaaS, Level 3: SaaS. These four levels cover all skill levels, from the most advanced developers to companies with little technical development skills.

Vechain CEO Explains the Four Levels

According to the CEO, level 0 developers can enjoy “cool” features like MPP, MTT, controllable TX lifecycle, TX dependency, etc. This particular level is open source for every participant.

In Level 1, “VeChain BaaS – Enterprise-level developers and professional team who can keep blockchain work as a service but just use it with dedicated APIs. You can choose an existing smart contract or ask for a dedicated one for you only.”

Level 2 is suitable for developers who focus on front-end business logic and expect a low-code development environment with blockchain. This reduces costs and saves time.

Level 3 is intended for beginners, especially for companies that want to use blockchain but have no understanding of how to develop it.

With such different developer levels, it ensures that VeChain can address a wide range of customers and further expand its use cases.

VeChain has had great success in China in the past few weeks and the government has almost supported the project. In the past few weeks, Chinese local governments have been using tools for this project. The city of Suzhou recently launched the “Changan Code”, which is based on the “Field Security Code” of the VeChain tool chain. The project involves more than 300,000 residents and has been widely adopted.

VeChain PoA Upgrade In Sight

However, the VeChain community is currently rather enthusiastic about the PoA 2.0 upgrade. In a recently released AMA, the CEO explained the benefits of PoA, adding that it will give VeChain an edge over other blockchains.

“POA 2.0 is one of the critical elements to make “million a day” happen for sure. It is going to give VeChainThor an edge on other public blockchain platforms in the race of mass adoption.”

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