VeChain to Play a Major Role in Plastic Pollution Control in China

VeChain to Play a Major Role in Plastic Pollution Control in China

Last month, China turned its attention to cryptocurrency to make headlines, but for the wrong reasons. The country is trying to get rid of Bitcoin mining while prohibiting banks from processing transactions related to cryptocurrencies. In a refreshing change, however, government officials have praise blockchain technology, especially VeChain, as it plays a role in pollution control.

VeChain to Control Plastic Pollution 

VeChain (VET) plays an important role in controlling plastic pollution in China, according to an article published on May 24th. The post is titled “VeChain featured blockchain and carbon naturality and the ten billion market under the order of plastic limitation.”

It’s worth noting that VeChain is the leading blockchain platform for businesses. In addition, the company continues to leverage available technology to demonstrate its capabilities in the supply chain.

Additionally, die-hard members of the VeChain community emphasized in their tweets how VeChain can help control plastic pollution. In the post, he noted: “Recently, a relevant person from the Ministry of Environment and Resources announced that the National Committee was drafting the” Fourteenth Five-Year Action Plan to Control Plastic Pollution.”

It will optimize the national restrictions on plastic governance enacted in early 2020. It will place new demands on companies in all industries and create unprecedented market prospects.

Blockchain technology can help companies achieve transparent data and collaboration across the raw materials, production and applications scene. In addition, the cost pressure caused by biodegradable materials can be reduced, and management and production efficiency can be improved.

China Official Visit to VeChain’s Singapore Office

The VeChain Foundation recently announced that officials from three key regions in China have visited their Singapore office. According to the foundation, executives from Shanghai, Changning and Huangpu districts are trying to discuss a possible transformative collaboration.

It said, “The VeChain blockchain is ready to serve communities, businesses, governments, etc.”

After all, it can collect reliable data for business and attract business users with a sustainable concept.

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