Tabulio review: The best platform for creatives and freelancers

Tabulio review: The best platform for creatives and freelancers

 The internet is a blessing since it has spurred an entirely new industry enabling freelancing and creating new job opportunities. However, as a creative and freelancer, it can be difficult to find a built platform for us. 

Since I started this journey in 2017, it has been a ride. However i must admit that it can be confusing searching for jobs, showcasing my portfolio and connecting with other like-minded folks. You may be wondering that LinkedIn is exactly what i need. Linkedin is a good platform but too serious for me and has turned to a platform that is all about showcasing your certifications. 

When I came across a new platform named Tabulio from a friend. I initially scuffed and thought that it was another platform that promised much but delivered little. Getting to the homepage, I was captivated by the nice visuals, and I thought to myself, why not try it out? 

On closer inspection, I realized that this growing platform offered immense potentials for creatives and freelancers. I decided to write this piece as a little guide for other creatives and freelancers who would navigate Tabulio. 

Tabulio hands-on review

On getting to the homepage, you would be greeted with beautiful visuals, and a get started button that actually works.

Clicking it would redirect you to a signup page where you can register manually or signup with your Gmail, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. I love the options on display and actually signed up with my Gmail account. 

After signing up. I was directed to a beautiful homepage that is a mixture of Twitter, Linkedin, and a messenger. Pretty special, right. I loved the fact that the dashboard was neatly arranged on the left-hand side. And the post button was easy to identify at the top right corner.

By hovering the far right menu, I could set my profile, change my theme, and set push notifications. 

As a curious person, I decided to see how the post button works. On clicking on the post button, I was given five options: Pictures, links, videos, Blog, and draft. Pretty straightforward and to the point. 

The post a picture showed a simple tab where I could place a picture, add titles, descriptions, and tags.

The post a video had a similar tab like the add a picture which is not a surprise.

You should know that I love to write, and the post a blog option appealed to me. The text editor was simple with few settings like bold, italics, headers, bullets, line spacing, and quotes. I also like that I could add images and links to the blog posts.

The settings button at the top of the blog spot leads to a section where you can add a cover image, summary, and tags which is pretty cool. You can also preview posts before publishing. 

One feature that completely blew my mind was the add a link feature. I decided to test it out by dropping a link to my previous work and checking whether it would appear.

Within a few seconds, the blog post appeared on the tab. I could even decide to allow the link to appear as a picture or as a post.

That’s a nice feature. This is how it appeared on my timeline.

Tabulio also has a job marketplace where recruiters can post jobs and creatives apply for jobs. It also has a filter to choose the type of job, work policy, company location and salary range. From my little preview, I need to add skills to my profile to see automated job listings, and there’s a search bar at the top to check for other jobs. 

The application tab is a menu that provides updates to users that apply for jobs. Mine is empty since I have not applied for any job. However, I couldn’t help but notice the suggestion tab on the right, providing suggestions of people I could follow. Yea, you read my mind, looks very much like Twitter. 

The Profile section is cool and allows you extensive options than the regular job market boards and social media platforms. There are five tabs about you, work profile, portfolio links, resumes, security, and privacy. 

The about you is where you place information like your name, username, and other relevant details. 

The work profile is superb and allows you to add jobs done in the past, skills, and interests.

The portfolio link enables you to add a link to your previous jobs and showcase it on your profile. That is pretty handy for designers and video editors. 

 You can also upload your resumes on the platform and tailor it to respective job applications.

For those that like to tweak things, Tabulio offers a security and privacy policy that can be changed at any time. Set notifications when you receive a new follower, direct messaging, job matches, and many more.  

It is not all silver and roses, as a few recommendations could make the platform better. You may still see some old posts on your timeline, and it would be better if new posts can get to the top of the timeline quicker. However, it is a new platform, and you can become one of the earliest users and probably amass a large follower base all for free. 

Final thoughts 

I would say Tabulio is a unique platform that has combined social media and a job board without complicating things. I love the neat user interface and the post a link feature that allows me to showcase jobs from other platforms with a single click. I am excited about the potentials of Tabulio and advise other creatives and freelancers to join. You can follow me on Tabulio @cryptoenvangelist or click the link . 

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