Marketstro: 5 Essential Characteristics of a Digital Mall

Marketstro Launches Digital Mall for African Businesses

As proven by the recent eCommerce boom, the exponential rise of online businesses demonstrates that consumers worldwide prefer to shop online.  On the Internet, you may find all kinds of information. A few important factors must be considered if an eCommerce platform hopes to stay competitive and current. The accessibility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness […]

Banking vs Crypto: asks the key questions on energy use

In recent years, there have been a few topics that have been more feverishly discussed than cryptocurrency. Many big claims have been made for these digital coins, and many critical articles have been written. On one side, there are people who believe that crypto is the future of money, on the other, people who believe […]

Metanept at the forefront of Metaverse adoption globally


Blockchain technology has evolved in the past decade to bring about new concepts that have changed how we think about finance. Why cryptocurrencies, DeFi and NFTs have become household names in recent years, one concept beginning to take shape is the metaverse.  The metaverse promises to incorporate a virtual world where everyone can network and […]

FxCryptoNews announces partnership with leading crypto payment platform NOWPayments

FxCryptoNews announces partnership with leading crypto payment platform NOWPayments

NOWPayments has announced that they will partner with top African-based crypto news platform Fxcryptonews to foster further adoption in emerging market. The popular non-custodial cryptocurrency payment processing platform seeks to leverage the thousands of crypto enthusiasts controlled by the popular news outlet to drive awareness and adoption among the growing African financial market.   With over […]

NOWPayments’ Network Fee Optimisation to Helps Businesses Save on Fees

NOWPayments’ Network Fee Optimisation to Helps Businesses Save on Fees

NOWPayments, a crypto payment gateway, has launched a new network fee optimization solution. The solution allows NOWPayments’ system to analyze current network fees and pick the most profitable option out of the client’s payout wallets. This feature is beneficial for all businesses but especially those that have over 2000 transactions per day as it helps […]

Metaelfland Reveals More Information About Their NFT Presale


The MetaElfLand first presale scheduled for the 25th of May has come and gone. However, there seems to be a misunderstanding about the Genesis MetaElves received by players who purchased the blind boxes during the 6-hour long presale event.  During an AMA organised by the MetaElfLand the development team, a user raised a question about […]

ATUZAL MEDIA Review: A fast growing digital agency

Atuzal media

Welcome to Atuzal Media, your Number One Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria.  Atuzal Media is the leading cryptocurrency and media agency that is committed to providing a result-driven digital and content marketing strategy to clients both home and abroad. We have an efficient team of online marketing experts, creative designers and competent content creators […]

ImpulSeven DEX Go Live

INDIA Nov 12, 2021. The ImpulSeven decentralized exchange has just launched on the official website. This is part of the ImpulSeven DeFi ecosystem which offers a variety of solutions to users and for the first three months after the launch you will pay no fees for trades. ImpulSeven aims to contribute to decentralized finance by promoting […]