ImpulSeven DEX Go Live

INDIA Nov 12, 2021. The ImpulSeven decentralized exchange has just launched on the official website. This is part of the ImpulSeven DeFi ecosystem which offers a variety of solutions to users and for the first three months after the launch you will pay no fees for trades.

ImpulSeven aims to contribute to decentralized finance by promoting the global adoption of trustless systems while ridding the need for intermediaries and eliminating risks. The ecosystem is built on the Ethereum protocol and powered by the I7 ERC-20 token.

ImpulSeven DeFi Dex

This fourth-generation exchange platform offers an advanced orderbook model. The DEX provides a permissionless interface that makes it easy for users to trade digital assets.

A smart contract governs the exchange and it eliminates counterparty risk by holding the funds in escrow until all parties involved meet the requirements. Users can also participate in staking, a popular DeFi feature among crypto enthusiasts. Through this, users can receive rewards and earn interest by providing their assets as liquidity. It’s also worth noting that the exchange is a constantly evolving platform that prioritizes the needs and security of its users.

Unique Features of the ImpulSeven DEX

The ImpulSeven decentralized exchange boasts several features that make it stand out from its competitors. Some of the advanced trading options the exchange supports are futures and derivatives. It also offers an off-chain orderbook model, whose storage is built on ImpulSeven chain nodes. The nodes ensure transparency in the exchange, maximum decentralization and censorship resistance.

Another outstanding feature is the implementation of Trade Execution Coordinators (TECs). TECs ensure that trading on the platform is flexible and that fees are kept to a minimum. They also manage the minimum spread and provide liquidity by bringing the best of Open Orderbook Relayer models and Order Matching together.

Some of the DEX’s other unique features are:

  • 24/7 guaranteed liquidity
  • Democratized trading
  • ImpulSeven Perpetual Protocol- this supports perpetual contracts for DeFi assets, including the platform’s i7.
  • In-built ERC-20- swap mechanism.

The ImpulSeven Ecosystem

The ImpulSeven ecosystem is named after the seven critical components that comprise it. The project’s creators capitalized on the growing use of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts for trustless transactions.

ImpulSeven is designed to empower its users by leveraging the potential of DeFi and its underlying blockchain technology to create solutions that are available to all, regardless of geographic location, occupation, or earnings. The platform ensures transparency through the public ledger by leveraging blockchains: all smart contracts and transactions handled by the ecosystem can be easily verified by anyone using Ethereum block explorers like Etherscan.

Aside from transparency, security is a critical factor. The ImpulSeven team adheres to all best practices available to ensure the security of its codebase, smart contacts, wallets, and modules in their DeFi ecosystem. Additionally, ImpulSeven’s infrastructure has undergone internal and external security audits for verification and assurance.

Here’s a list of the seven crucial elements of the ImpulSeven ecosystem;

  • ImpulSeven DEX
  • Liquidity Mining and Staking Rewards
  • DeFi lending
  • AI Arbitrage trading bot
  • Decentralized recurring bill
  • Governance
  • i7 Token

I7 Now available on POLYGON and SafeSwap

Polygon, while commonly referred to as a scaling solution, is more of a protocol than a single solution. The network is a Proof of Stake (PoS) sidechain that lies parallel to the Ethereum blockchain. This provides users with a similar experience to Ethereum, but with much faster throughput and lower fees. SafeSwap on the other hand is a decentralized crypto-asset exchange (DEX), enabling the listing and trading of native crypto tokens.

By launching I7 on Polygon, Impulseven is providing an alternative cost-efficient service to their members and by adding SafeSwap it allows I7 token holders to trade the Impulseven native token, opening up new trading opportunities.

So What Is Next for ImpulSeven?

ImpulSeven’s launch of the DEX is just the beginning. In the fourth quarter of 2021, they aim to launch the AI Arbitrage Trading Bot. Yield farming will be launched in the near future as soon as sufficient liquidity is reached, which will open up even greater opportunities for investors.

As the development team gears up for the challenge ahead, cryptocurrency enthusiasts should keep an eye out for what this user-centric platform has to offer in the coming months.

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