Solana & ChatGPT: How High Can Solana (SOL) Go With This Integration?

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The enthusiasm surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows no signs of diminishing. Various companies across different industries have been actively exploring and experimenting with this technology. 

Several well-known companies have begun incorporating AI into their fundamental business models. Solana Labs is an example of such a company. Solana Labs recently officially integrated AI into its network by introducing a ChatGPT plug-in. This add-on or extension has been developed internally by Solana Labs.

Initially, the ChatGPT plug-in developed by Solana Labs will primarily target end users. Its initial emphasis will be on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As a result, users can utilize the plug-in for purchasing and listing NFTs, transferring tokens, reviewing transactions, analyzing data, and discovering NFT collections based on floor prices.

According to a recent article, Solana has secured the third position in NFT sales. In the past week alone, it facilitated NFT sales worth $7.7 million, while the monthly total amounts to approximately $55.5 million. This data suggests that users rely heavily on Solana’s blockchain for their NFT transactions. 

Consequently, selecting this particular sub-sector could be highly advantageous for Solana, potentially aiding the team in attracting more users to the Web3 space.

In a recent interview, Tal Tchwella, the Head of Product at Solana Labs, shared that the integration of ChatGPT provides Solana users and developers with a more user-friendly and simplified approach to interacting with the AI service. Tchwella emphasized that the blockchain space is currently overly technical, and the ChatGPT integration aims to address this issue by offering a new way for users to ask questions and access information.

Thus, by integrating ChatGPT into Solana, users will be offered a “new opportunity to engage with it and understand what’s really happening.” 

Tchwella added:

“There’s a lot of places this could be useful… We’re hopeful to see more experimentation by dApps—and that’ll be the exciting part.”

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Solana (SOL) Price Analysis

Significant advancements in a project typically lead to a surge in the hype and subsequent price pumps. However, Solana’s price has remained relatively stable without experiencing notable changes. Since the second week of May, it has been trading consistently around the $19 mark, exhibiting a horizontal trend.

Currently, the market lacks buying momentum, posing challenges for SOL to experience an upward price movement. Even if bullish activity emerges, several immediate resistance levels exist to overcome, particularly the Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) between $20 and $26. Conversely, if selling pressure persists, SOL may decline towards its support levels at approximately $17 and $13, depending on the intensity of bearish sentiment.

Source: Tradingview

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