Shibburn Denies SHIB Projects or Partnerships with Shiba Inu

Shibburn Denies SHIB Projects or Partnerships with Shiba Inu

Shibburn, the community-powered SHIB burn tracker recently responded to DaVinci’s recent warning on Shiba Inu’s Discord.

Just to give you some background, DaVinci cautioned members of the SHIB community to stay alert for Shiba Inu-related partnerships that haven’t been officially announced, as the influencers and media sources sharing such announcements are not linked or associated with the official Shiba Inu team.

Additionally, DaVinci made it clear that any announcement not originating from official channels should not be considered an official “Shiba ecosystem partnership.”

However, it’s important to clarify that Da Vinci’s warning aimed to inform the community about the lack of affiliation between these projects and the “team,” rather than discrediting them.

 Da Vinci emphasized that the warning doesn’t automatically label the projects as scams, but the community should remain vigilant.

This caution was prompted by the rise of scams in the crypto space, where certain projects misuse the Shiba Inu brand to deceive community members who are unaware. 

Yet, Da Vinci’s warning aligned with Shibburn’s recent announcement of launching Shib Association, an organization dedicated to propelling the growth of the cryptocurrency. 

Shibburn also shared that the organization has begun working on a specialized blockchain for SHIB.

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Shibburn Addresses DaVinci’s Warning

Following DaVinci’s warning, Shibburn used their X platform to respond, expressing the view that the alert was unfortunate.

Their X account emphasized that there aren’t any “official SHIB projects, teams, or partners,” expressing concern about the continued use of such terms by some individuals.

Critics have mentioned that both Shibburn and Shib Association lack affiliation with the official team. Nevertheless, it was highlighted that “@Shibtoken” and “Shiba Inu Ecosystem” are not official sources or accounts for the canine-themed cryptocurrency.

Shibburn Warns

In a subsequent tweet, they exposed that certain individuals are spreading false information to sow discord within the community. They urged everyone to stay alert and not fall victim to the deceitful intentions of such people.

Shiba Inu Community Responds

As expected, the news sparked reactions from Shiba Inu fans, with some community members expressing their support for Shibburn.

A SHIB fan named “JackB” raised concerns about how Shiba Inu’s official team members are appointed, stating:

“Exactly. The more, the merrier. Who appointed the official that declares them official? If we actually have one, then we ain’t decentralized. You can’t have it both ways.” 

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