Shiba Inu: Shibburn Initiates Development for SHIB Cryptocurrency Blockchain

Shiba Inu Team Clarifies Binance's Delisting of SHIB Margin Pairs

The Shib Association has posted recent updates about its blockchain operations and upcoming developments.

 Last month, the community-driven Shiba Inu tracker ‘Shibburn’ started a new project called the Shib Association. They aim to help SHIB grow by introducing important new features, useful tools, and creative solutions.

The association announced its plan to build a special blockchain just for SHIB. They made it clear that this blockchain will only be for SHIB and won’t work with any other Shiba Inu tokens.

SHIB-Exclusive Blockchain Development Begins

In a detailed post, Alex from Shibburn mentioned that the Shib Association team has already planned out the blockchain’s structure and has started the development process.

Alex brought up that his former Google colleague will “get things started with the blockchain and have it ready for GitHub”.

He mentioned that developers have reached out to him and are eager to help with the blockchain.

He added that “This modern blockchain will be an open-source project and follow the Proof-of-Participation consensus model. A repository on Github will be available soon where anyone can contribute,” 

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Additional News About the Blockchain

Alex explained that, just like Shibarium, the upcoming blockchain will also reduce the number of SHIB tokens, but he didn’t say how.

Additionally, the Shib Association won’t have its own Telegram or Discord channel. They mentioned that the only place for community interaction will be a page on X, which they’ll set up later this week.

The Shib Association is preparing to introduce its website and has already registered two domain names for this purpose

Alex made it clear that the blockchain exclusively uses SHIB as its native token, and there are no plans to introduce any new tokens down the road. Meanwhile, Alex’s sister will oversee the Shib Association’s official X account and will be responsible for keeping the community informed in the future.

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Shibburn’s Blockchain vs. Shibarium: What Sets Them Apart?

It is important to mention that the upcoming blockchain is not the same as Shibarium, which is Shiba Inu’s official L2 scaling network.

While Shibarium uses BONE for gas fees, those using the upcoming Shib Association network will use SHIB to pay for transactions.

The Shib Association hasn’t revealed if the blockchain will be based on Shibarium or another well-known blockchain. However, they intend to provide further project updates soon.

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