Shiba Inu’s Burn Rate Nosedives 62% as Price Plunges Below $0.00002

Bitcoin's Impact on Shiba Inu (SHIB): Why It's Down 15%

The Shibburn tracking platform reported a staggering 62% decline in Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) burn rate, the second-largest meme cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Consequently, the SHIB price plunged below the crucial $0.00002 level.

SHIB Price Tumbles Below $0.00002

Shiba Inu Price Action. Source| CoinMarketCap

SHIB experienced a 5.15% price drop, pushing it below the important psychological threshold of $0.00002. This latest decline followed a similar rapid drop on Friday, though SHIB managed to recover above the $0.00002 mark on the same day. Currently, Shiba Inu trades at $0.00001956.

Bitcoin’s Influence on SHIB

The SHIB price pullbacks mirrored the movements of Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency. On Friday, Bitcoin lost 2.77%, dropping from $67,000 to $65,216. Today, BTC declined further from $66,740 to $65,590, a 1.75% decrease. At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades at $65,453.

Whales Capitalize on the Dip

Taking advantage of the recent Bitcoin plummets that dragged down SHIB and other altcoins, whales holding 10 or more Bitcoins actively bought the dip. According to Santiment’s on-chain analytics data, these large-scale investors’ BTC holdings now match the levels they held exactly two years ago when Bitcoin’s market value was 226% lower.

The Correlation Between Bitcoin and SHIB

Santiment’s report highlights a strong correlation between the holdings of wallets with 10+ BTC and Bitcoin’s overall market value. This trend extends to Shiba Inu and other altcoins, as they tend to follow Bitcoin’s lead, not only in its downward movements but also in its upward trajectory.

Weekly Burn Performance Improves

While the 24-hour burn rate took a significant hit, the weekly burn outcome for SHIB saw a remarkable 743.98% rise. In the past week, almost 400,000,000 SHIB tokens were sent to unspendable wallets, signifying a substantial increase in this metric.

In conclusion, although the recent plunge in SHIB’s burn rate and its price dropping below $0.00002 raised concerns among the Shiba Inu community, the improved weekly burn performance and the ongoing buying activity by large-scale Bitcoin investors suggest a potential market recovery may be on the horizon.

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