Shiba Inu Fast-Food Partner Welly Teases Exciting Collaboration with Major Italian Football Club

Welly Teases Shiba Inu Collaboration with Top Italian Football Club

In a surprising twist, @PB5, a key figure at Welly, the Shiba Inu-themed restaurant, has unveiled an upcoming project that hints at a significant foray into the football domain.

Welly’s Culinary Game-Changer

Yesterday, the business developer for Welly dropped a bombshell on Twitter, hinting that the Naples-based restaurant is on the brink of unveiling something substantial for the local community. Accompanying the announcement was a tantalizing image featuring two young footballers proudly donning Welly-themed jerseys.

The tweet generated a buzz of excitement among enthusiasts who eagerly speculated about the nature of the impending project.

Furthermore, @PB5 offered a crucial insight, revealing that the upcoming venture is intricately tied to Napoli, the renowned Italian football club based in Naples, where Welly currently operates.

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Potential Welly-Napoli Partnership

The announcement strongly hints at a potential collaboration where Welly could emerge as the primary shirt sponsor for the Napoli youth team. This could mean the coveted Welly logo adorning the football club’s jerseys in the near future.

There’s also speculation that Welly might be delving into youth development by possibly enrolling teenagers on the esteemed Napoli football academy. However, @PB5 has remained tight-lipped about further details surrounding this initiative.

Positive Impact on Shiba Inu’s Popularity

Simultaneously, Welly’s foray into the football arena significantly impacts Shiba Inu’s global popularity, particularly in Italy. The prospect of Welly’s branding prominently featured on players’ jerseys is anticipated to drive football enthusiasts to explore the Naples-based restaurant. Welly’s distinctive association with the SHIB-themed fast-food concept could increase visibility for Shiba Inu.

This development unfolds just a month after Welly’s relaunch in Naples, where patrons can indulge in a delectable menu offering chicken sandwiches, Waffle Fries, Grilled Chicken, and Cheeseburgers.

Notably, customers can either dine in at the restaurant or opt for delivery services through Italian-based platforms such as Deliveroo and Glovo.

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