Shiba Inu: Binance DeFi Inclusion Hints at Potential BONE Listing, Lucie Expresses Optimism

Binance Futures' Consideration of BONE Token for Listing

In a significant development, ShibaSwap’s Bone token (BONE) has found its place in Binance’s DeFi section, sparking optimism within Shibarium’s core team about an imminent listing on the renowned exchange.

Lucie, a Shiba Inu market strategist, shared this optimistic outlook after unveiling a BONE chart within Binance’s Web3 wallet section. However, the strategic inclusion of BONE in Binance’s DeFi lineup signifies the acknowledgement of the digital currency and underscores the growing influence of the Shibarium network it powers.

Binance DeFi First, CeFi Listing for BONE in Sight?

The listing of a cryptocurrency on Binance holds considerable weight, serving as a vote of confidence for the asset. With millions of users globally accessing Binance, supporting BONE’s listing could potentially broaden its reach across various jurisdictions.

Despite the inherent risks associated with a potential listing, Lucie remains cautiously optimistic about Shibarium’s integration and the subsequent listing of BONE. In the X post, Lucie directly tagged Richard Teng, the new CEO of Binance, indicating proactive steps toward negotiation for BONE’s listing on the platform.

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This announcement subtly implies ongoing discussions between the Shibarium team and Binance regarding securing BONE’s listing. Importantly, Binance already holds a significant position as a major Shiba Inu (SHIB) marketplace, boasting three active trading pairs for the token: SHIB/USDT, SHIB/BUSD, and SHIB/DOGE.

A second plausible motive behind LucieSHIB’s suggestive post is actively mobilising community support, amplifying the demand and creating a buzz. This strategic approach seems effective, as an increasing number of community members are actively and passionately lending their voices to advocate for BONE’s listing on Binance.

A Shibarium-Binance Alliance on the Horizon

Shibarium, positioned as an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution, stands ready to welcome numerous projects and their corresponding tokens in the near future. The rise of these projects calls for a conduit to facilitate mainstream adoption, consequently increasing the likelihood of Shibarium integrating with Binance.

While the community eagerly awaits support for Shibarium, decentralized exchanges constructed on its protocols, with Marswap being a notable example, are actively fortifying their backing for tokens housed within this layer-2 solution.

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