Shiba Inu Drops Major Update as 7 Trillion Tokens Exit Bitvavo and Paribu Exchanges

Shiba Inu

Whale Alert Reveals Monumental Movement of Shiba Inu Tokens from Leading Exchanges in Response to Significant Shiba Inu Team Update.

In a remarkable development, Whale Alert, a well-known cryptocurrency tracking platform, has brought to light a substantial migration of Shib tokens from major cryptocurrency exchanges. According to their disclosure, Bitvavo and Paribu, two prominent exchanges, executed a joint transfer of a staggering 6,888,932,699,514 (6.88 trillion) SHIB tokens, amounting to $57,655,671 ($57.65 million), to two undisclosed wallets.

Bitvavo Moves $36.74 Million Worth of Shiba Inu Tokens

Bitvavo, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the Netherlands, initiated a transfer of 4,407,530,677,374 (4.40 trillion) SHIB tokens, which equates to a total value of $36,741,175 ($36.74 million), to an enigmatic wallet in a single transaction. This transfer occurred approximately 15 hours prior to the time of reporting and elevated the recipient to the position of the 26th largest Shiba Inu token holder.

Consequently, this development has garnered considerable attention within the cryptocurrency community. Moreover, it has raised questions and discussions regarding the motives and implications behind such a significant transaction.

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Paribu Relocates $20.91 Million Worth of Shiba Inu Tokens

Several hours later, after the Shiba Inu Community’s token ignition event, the spotlight shifted to Paribu, a Turkey-based exchange. A wallet associated with it, identified as Paribu 5, executed a massive transfer of 2,481,402,022,140 (2.48 trillion) SHIB tokens, valued at $20,914,496 ($20.91 million), to a separate undisclosed wallet in a significant transaction. data reveals that this marks the second substantial transaction from the recipient wallet since January 29, 2023. The unidentified wallet now holds a substantial 2,601,402,022,140 (2.60 trillion) SHIB, with a total valuation of $21,825,762 ($21.82 million), positioning it as the 33rd largest holder of Shib tokens.


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Anticipation Builds for “The Shib Magazine” Launch

This noteworthy development unfolds just ahead of the eagerly awaited launch of “The Shib Magazine,” as announced by the Shiba Inu team. This weekly publication is set to provide the SHIB community with exclusive insights into the latest developments within the SHIB and Shibarium ecosystem.

In a recent development, previously reported by Fxcryptonews, the Shiba Inu Community ignited 1,461,135,923 (1.46 billion) SHIB tokens through seven hundred fifty-three (753) distinct transactions in October 2023.

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