Shiba Inu Developer Drops Riddles for Bad Idea’s Anniversary

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In honor of Bad Idea’s inaugural anniversary, Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, dropped a mysterious message in the official Telegram group managed by Bad Idea. While actively engaging with the group, Kusama fielded various requests and inquiries from the Bad Idea community. 

Notably, a member named Eshan caught Kusama’s attention, expressing hopes for increased support from him within the Bad Idea project. Responding cryptically, Kusama offered an enigmatic message: “The sun is bright. You can feel the rays on your skin. The moon is subtle but brightens the night.”

Community Reaction

The message sparked bullish reactions within the community, garnering 29 bullish emojis, including fire, heart, and thumbs up. Members from both Bad Idea and Shiba Inu communities began deciphering the message, aiming to unveil its true meaning.

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Eshan, one of the community members, interpreted the message as a metaphor for parental guidance illuminating the path to a child’s future, with reciprocal support in old age. However, some users expressed desires for clearer insights into Kusama’s future plans for Bad Idea, including upcoming exchange listings.

Bad Idea’s Anniversary Celebrations

Amidst the deciphering of Kusama’s message, Bad Idea continued its celebrations for its first anniversary, which commenced on May 5th. The AI-centric project highlighted its achievements over the past year, establishing itself as a pioneer in the crypto sector.

To mark the occasion, Bad Idea launched various initiatives, including a buyback program and a series of columns reflecting on the project’s impact, contributed by community members. Since becoming Shiba Inu’s official AI partner, Bad Idea and Shiba Inu have mutually benefited from their affiliation. 

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Notably, Shiba Inu’s Shibarium projects secured free listings in Bad Idea’s AI chatbot training model, while Bad Idea’s token received listings on multiple exchanges, including Poloniex. 

Additionally, Bad Idea now boasts a customized Tangem wallet, courtesy of its partnership with Shiba Inu.


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