Shiba Inu Shines: A Spotlight on Its Ascension in the Crypto Market

Shiba Inu Shines: A Spotlight on Its Ascension in the Crypto Market

In a remarkable demonstration of market dynamics, Shiba Inu has surged to claim the second position in VanEck’s MarketVector’s Meme Coin Index. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Shiba Inu, as it continues to captivate the cryptocurrency community’s attention.

MarketVecto, a subsidiary of VanEck, has embraced the meme coin frenzy by launching a new index dedicated to this immensely popular token category. The meme coin index, trading under the ticker MEMECOIN, tracks the top six meme tokens.

Shiba Inu’s Prominence In The Index

Shiba Inu holds the second-largest position in the index, with a substantial weight of 28.34%. Alongside Shiba Inu, other tokens featured in the index include Dogecoin (DOGE), Pepe (PEPE), Dogwifhat (WIF), Floki Inu (FLOKI), and BONK. 

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Impressively, the Meme Coin Index has yielded returns of 137.96% this year, showcasing the remarkable growth of meme currencies, with Shiba Inu emerging as a standout performer. Currently, this index stands as the top performer on MarketVector.

Shib saw a significant surge earlier this year, climbing about 300% to reach $0.000045 on March 5th. It briefly entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization before slipping to 11th place, now valued at $13.18 billion.

Factors Driving Shiba Inu’s Growth

Despite profit-taking post-surge, Shiba Inu still boasts a 155% increase in value over the past year, per CoinGecko data. The 155% surge in SHIB’s value can be attributed to various factors. Technical analysts point to SHIB’s resilience in maintaining robust support levels, which previously served as resistance points in early 2023. 

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This steadfastness in preserving critical support levels signals strong market sentiment and potential for further expansion. While Bitcoin has also witnessed a substantial surge, with a yearly increase of 120%, SHIB’s remarkable 155% gains are particularly noteworthy. 

As of the latest update, SHIB experienced a slight decline of 0.19% over the past 24 hours, settling at $0.0000224, reflecting the overall subdued activity in the crypto market.

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