Ripple vs SEC: A Fake Media Report Claims the Legal Battle Has Been Closed

Ripple vs SEC: A Fake Media Report Claims the Legal Battle Has Been Closed

As the SEC and Ripple lawsuit lingers on, many in the crypto space keep assuming different things. Accesswire claims the Ripple has closed its legal battle with the SEC

Ripple General Counsel Debunk the Report

In a press release today, Accesswire, a news and communication network, claims the cross-border payment company has closed its legal battle with the regulator.

Shortly after the news was released, Stuart Alderoty-Ripples, General Counsel, quickly debunked the report. The news media immediately deleted the information.

According to the news media, the months-long legal battle between the cross-border payment and the regulator has been finally settled. The regulators announced it would drop its allegations against the company.

The press release, which was titled “SEC vs Ripple Legal Fight is Over,” summarises the history of the legal battle between the company and the regulator and also claims the cross-border payment company announced that the SEC had dropped the charges.

However, this news became known to the public after Yahoo Finance published the report and shared it on Twitter. A lot of people raised the alarm concerning the suspicions of the news.

It was about this time Ripple’s General Counsel found out about the news and responded to the article as fake news. After that, both Yahoo Finance and AccessWire have removed press releases from their websites.

Is Fake Press Release the New Crypto Trend?

This is coming days after fake news of Wal-Mart planning to accept payments using Litecoin (LTC) and Amazon accepting payments using Bitcoin. The companies debunked the rumours before they affected the cryptocurrency market.

Unfortunately, Wal-Mart has not introduced crypto payments yet. Amazon has not accepted crypto payment, and the cross-border payment company is still in a legal battle with the regulator.

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