Cardano CEO Denies Partnership With Amazon

Cardano CEO Denies Partnership With Amazon

Cardano, the third-largest cryptocurrency, has been one of the most talked-about digital assets globally after the successful launch of its Alonzo hard fork this month. However, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the platform, denies partnering with Amazon.

Hoskinson Denies Amazon Partnership

Charles Hoskinson made this comment below a Twitter poll yesterday; he responded to a question on Cardano wanting to partner with Amazon, of which he replied,” Not to my knowledge either.”

Pieter Nierop, a Cardano fan with 31,700 followers, started the poll four days ago. The survey asked the crypto community about possible or actual associations between Amazon and Cardano. As of the time of writing, 3,949 people voted, 67.9% supported association, and 32.1% did not see any potential collaboration.  

Amazon Crypto Adoption

The crypto market saw a significant gain in previous news due to rumours that retail e-commerce giant Amazon is preparing to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Cardano’s ADA later this year.

The next day, Amazon denied the allegation. After that, however, the company posted a job posting saying it is looking for people in charge of digital assets and blockchain products.

The post says their Payments Acceptance & Experience Team is looking for an experienced Product Owner to develop Amazon’s digital assets and blockchain strategy and product roadmap.

Cardano Regains its Position

Cardano (ADA) regained third place as the cryptocurrency market bounced bullishly after three days of falling prices. ADA’s price rose above 10% from the daily low of $2.09 and is currently trading at $2.20. After hitting a new ATH of $3.10 on September 2, 10 days before the Alonzo upgrade, the price of altcoins collapsed in the second half of September.

Many thought after the upgrade, ADA will surge, but September has proved to be a bearish month for the crypto space as the market lost over 25% of its value in the past three weeks.

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