New Player, Pinkslip Finance Eyes to Top the Leaderboard of Gamefi Sector

New Player, Pinkslip Finance Eyes to Top the Leaderboard of Gamefi Sector

Cryptocurrency and gaming fans must love the emerging new sector, Gamefi. This new category introduces gaming into cryptocurrency projects, giving users the chance to earn tokens while gaming. The relatively new niche is carving out its space in the crypto world and building a community as more innovative projects emerge.

The latest contender in the scene is Pinkslip- an innovative metaverse that brings together Defi and gaming components. Users get to race to earn tokens, which they can use to stake or race for more.

Pinkslip has just completed its seed sale and is currently gearing up for its public sale. The sale, expected to happen on the 25th of August, aims to raise 500 ETH.

What Exactly is Pinkslip?

Pinkslip is an online drag racing game that incorporates NfTs and gaming. The platform will use both the NFT and a native ERC-20 token, which will fuel the ecosystem.

To get started, users must buy any of three NFT tokens; Gold, Silver, or Bronze. These tokens have different chances of winning the drag race. To purchase these tokens, which essentially represent the cars, the user will need $PSLIP. The native token is yet to launch, and users can only obtain the tokens through the presale. However, it will be available in the open markets afterward.

Besides enabling the drag race, $PSLIP will make it easier for users to earn more tokens through staking.

Pinkslip Finance will split the revenue from the NFT purchases into two. Half will be used for more research and development, while the rest will go into the staking pool.

Details on the Upcoming Public Sale

The listing price for the public sale is set at 1 ETH= 7272 $PSLIP. However, this floor price will gradually move up with time. Participants of the sale can spend a minimum of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 3 ETH. If they manage to raise the target 500 ETH, 12,000,000 $PSLIP tokens will be in circulation. The token has a fixed supply of 30,000,000. Pinkslip will dip any unsold tokens into the staking pool.

Partnership with Pincubator plays a crucial role in this project. The platform provides incubation for Pinkslip finance. It has recently conducted the seed round in under 24 hours, giving the project a boost into the public sale.

Pinkslip will move to launch on Uniswap V2 after the sale and use 30% of the amount raised as initial liquidity. 

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