MSMEs Launches $100,000 MSMECOIN Bounty Campaign

MSMEs, a blockchain-based financial ecosystem has announced a bounty program tho incentivize community members following the listing of MSMECOIN on Coinsbit exchange and Klever Wallet. 

Exciting Bounty program 

Participants will be required to complete a number of tasks to be eligible for rewards in MSMECOIN. Some of the activities include sharing posts on MSMEs social media platforms and creating videos promoting its ecosystem. 

MSMEs has allocated 52,846,581,090 MSME ($100,000) as rewards for the bounty that is expected to last for three months. The rewards for taking part in different activities have been allotted and includes: 

● Video:  15%

● Medium: 15%

● Twitter : 20%

● Telegram: 15%

● Facebook: 15%

● Instagram: 10%

● Reserve fund – 10%

The first phase of the bounty has begun and users have from November 1 to November 28 to participate in the activities and earn rewards. 

Tokens will be distributed to participants at the end of the bounty campaign via a vesting schedule that is as follows: 

🎉 End of Month 1 = 20%

🎉 End of Month 2 = 30%

🎉 End of Month 3 = 50%

Interested participants can get more information about the bounty here and begin their tasks to be eligible for rewards. 

A fast growing ecosystem

MSMEs is an innovative platform that is focused on providing businesses a blockchain-based ecosystem with access to financing and novel products.

MSMEs is a truly transparent blockchain-based ecosystem. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be accessed at any time, ensuring greater accountability. 

The token distribution of MSMECOIN is also designed to ensure that all products within the MSMEs ecosystem can thrive and provide great value for small and medium enterprises. 

MSMECOIN is the utility token of MSMEs and will have multiple use-cases that will drive its value. The token is relatively cheap to buy and has been listed on several platforms, including Coinsbit, Klever wallet, and PancakeSwap

You can stay updated with activities on MSMEs by following the following links: 

Website     Telegram    Twitter     Facebook  Instagram

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