HaggleX Review (2021)- The Future of Finance In Africa

HaggleX Review (2021)- The Future of Finance In Africa

HaggleX is a multi-currency-based blockchain exchange that allows users to borrow, trade, and lend in a secure financial ecosystem. It eradicates financial exclusion by offering utility services to the users and providing products that can be bought within the platform.

Blockchain platforms are supposed to offer easy services and features required by the domain population, especially in the African region, where financial inclusion is very low. This is why HaggleX tries to improve on the existing underbuilding of finances, using blockchain technology.

Furthermore, HaggleX features decentralized financing and gives users a platform to save their digital assets. HaggleX features “staking” with representatives in over 12 countries around the world. HaggleX is among the first African crypto platforms to provide core financial services.

HaggleX Project Features

P2P (Peer to Peer) Exchange

HaggleX provides a peer-to-peer exchange trade where buyers can connect to sellers across different locations. With this feature, traders can perform transactions with Cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and other digital assets without a third party’s involvement within a safe and secure environment.

HaggleX peer-to-peer trading platform, offers a coded chat engine where traders can interact with partners and verified merchants. This feature makes it unique. HaggleX’s Peer 2 Peer exchange is different from the typical exchange methods in other platforms because it is secure and ensures that your funds are kept safe through an escrow system built on a smart contract.

When the seller confirms receipt of payment from the buyer, the smart contract now releases the asset it has in its custody. The HaggleX Peer to Peer trading platform also has a working system that can resolve disputes and ensures that all funds are given to the right owners during conflicts.

Utility Payment System

HaggleX platform offers utility payment service allowing users pay for their local utility services such as cable recharge, airtime purchase, electricity bills, and many more. This blockchain platform also allows utility payment to be made in other currencies such as HAG (HaggleX utility token), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), EOS, and fiat.

Remittance Payment System

The cost of remittance in Africa is very high (one of the highest in the world). It makes it expensive to transfer money from Africa to other regions of the world or even local transfers within Africa. HaggleX offers a remittance system where its users can send money and receive money from Africa and anywhere worldwide without cost. 

Using this platform, you can receive money and send it to another within the platform without cost. HaggleX does not encounter the problem of congestion even while handling a large number of remittance transactions. 


The HaggleX platform is always unique in all things. Therefore, it has introduced it’s Crypto Piggy Bank, another concept of saving called the BITSAVE. With the many incentives, BITSAVE has, you will be geared towards saving your crypto asset on the HaggleX smart contract. BITSAVE also comes with extensive options and features aimed at allowing it to stand out from its competitors.

BITSAVE also allows you to save your money in different currencies for rainy days with fantastic interest rates.

Staking and Mining

HaggleX Blockchain platform works with a decentralized financing feature that keeps it updated with the crypto industry’s latest information. Users receive rewards offered by the HaggleX community through the HaggleX Utility token (HAG).

Also, HaggleX wishes to introduce the HaggleX Defi, a platform where users can send and borrow money on the HaggleX Smart contract. Staking can be done using different currencies such as EOS, BTC, ETH, and HAG on pools for possible returns. 

HaggleX utility token (HAG)

HAG token is the fuel of HaggleX; therefore, the HAG utility token is the powerHouse of the HaggleX ecosystem. It is an Erc-20 token with an excellent reward for users who perform transactions on the HaggleX ecosystem. The token comes with many incentives, which include offering discounts on displayed products on the HaggleX platform.

HAG also offers users the best of crypto 2.0, including borrowing, saving, lending, and assets staking. Staking HAG token allows users to get up to 55% discount on transaction fees. HAG has 1,000,000 tokens supplied and distributed as follows.

50% on Project development

50% on ICO

The HAG token can be purchased by investors using several currencies, including the Naira, USD (US Dollar), USDT, BTC, ETH, BCH, XLM, TRX, and others.

Recent Trends on the HaggleX Platform

HaggleX, in its recent post, has made it open to the public about its decision to sponsor and offer community-based rewards such as scholarships and ambassador programs that will promote the adoption of cryptocurrency in Africa. 

The Scholarship Project

The scholarship movement was led by the Co-founder of the HaggleX platform Samuel Joseph Daniel, a well-known Cryptocurrency entrepreneur with influence helping thousands of Africans. The HaggleX scholarship project aims to grant access to education amongst the students in African tertiary institutions while easing their financial burdens. 

The scholarship platform provides financial support to African students who are willing to finish their education.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

  • Only Citizens of Africa.
  • Africa students in any African Government University or Polytechnic.
  • Students below the final year. Final year students cannot apply.
  • HAG token holders (applicants must have at least 5 HAG tokens with a current worth of $5 in your account until the end of the scholarship application).

HaggleX Token Raffle Draw

You stand a chance to win a brand new car with HaggleX as a user. Anyone can participate in this offer. The only requirement is having or buying a minimum of 50 HAG in your account. Just log on to Ico.hagglex.com to get started.

HaggleX- An Excellent Project with Great Potentials

HaggleX is a well thought, well-planned Cryptocurrency platform with great realistic promises typical in the Cryptocurrency community. Top blockchain stakeholders in Africa are featured in this project adding legitimacy to it. HaggleX operates a decentralized finance system involving lending, staking, and saving. It also features a P2P exchange with a remittance and utility payment system.

HaggleX has all it takes to increase Africa’s financial inclusion and is working fast towards it. With great interest rates and incentives in saving and trading, HaggleX has no competitors as it is far above them.

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