Bitfxt Review (2021)- A Comprehensive Review for New Users

Bitfxt Exchange- A Comprehensive Review for New Users

Bitfxt is is an African based blockchain platform whose aim is to build a transparent, trustworthy, speedy, and user satisfactory ecosystem while building and developing valuable blockchain software to bring cryptocurrency closer to the users by developing interactive, easy-to-use decentralized solutions that will allow easy access within and beyond for everyone. 

Bitfxt is not new to the blockchain industry as it has been there for a long and has created real-time working platforms. Bitfxt is the eathest platform where digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum can be bought and sold. It incorporates Forex trading and Cryptocurrency trading, which provides an innovatory platform that allows coherent conversions from Fiat to crypto and vice versa.

Bitfxt Convenience Projects

Bitfxt Wallet: This is one of the Bitfxt projects that makes exchange easier and stress-free. Bitfxt wallet is a native android wallet for storing and trading Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). This wallet is secure and can also be used for trading and exchange with users’ local currencies.

Bitfxt Coin (BXT): This is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with stake algorithma proof. This is the official coin for the BTX technology community. It is based on paying for fees and any services, trading as a base currency in the Bitfxt ecosystem, and casting votes. This coin is highly profitable and grows in value within a short time. 

Bitfxt Cointracker: It is a refined Cryptocurrency exchange and news tracking software. It solves a major problem by helping users keep tabs of all activities on news, coinmarkertcap, and various trading assets in different exchange currencies without logging in to their accounts. Its information comes in real-time. Therefore, it is often up to date.

Bitfxt Vault: It is an innovative coin release/ mining software that rewards users that lock down their coins to allow cash flow in the community with new coins. Bitfxt vault is the first of it’s kind in the digital marketing world globally.

Bitfxt Academy is a blockchain academy that can be likened to a typical online university, offering courses and issuing certificates. The school fees can be paid in BXT or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitfxt Lab: It is the arm of Bitfxt community concerned with software development. It includes professional and experienced software developers around the globe. Provision of services for clients within and outside of Africa is one of its duties.

Bitfxt Exchange: Bitfxt is one the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange platform in terms of fees payment. Users can withdraw and fund their accounts with ease. The withdrawal fee is very minute while the deposit fee is zero.

Benefits of Bitfxt Exchange

There are a lot of benefits users of Bitfxt exchange enjoy. The network is an interactive one, flexible and accessible to everyone. The benefits users of Bitfxt derive include;


Bitfxt Security stores so many digital assets and secure them on offline storage, protecting them against theft from hackers. Users gain access to features such as two-factor authentication, lock withdrawals when a new IP address, withdrawal confirmation phrases, the ability to disable withdrawal addresses, and PGP email encryptions. All of these and more are made possible by the Bitfxt software developers. 

Easy to use

Anybody can trade on Bitfxt. The trading community is developed so that all the technical barriers to joining the blockchain sector are removed, keeping in mind that Bitfxt has professional and experienced software developers. The blockchain has a clean and clear interface and is easy to understand. 


Bitfxt is a reliable exchange system that is trustworthy and transparent. It is fast and always available, and ready for service anytime you choose to trade with them.


The Bitfxt Vault is responsible for this benefit. It ensures liquidity and free cash flow in the community. Users enjoy liquidity enormously across the platform, making it easy for the execution of large trades in seconds with minimum spread due to the constant influx of new capital into the exchange. This liquidity also helps the exchange on the platform to retain accurate prices.

Easy funding

Trading on Bitfxt is fascinating. This is because, your account can be easily funded with your fiat currency via a credit card or direct bank transfer. Bitfxt also offers borderless payments that one can make and receive payments from anywhere around the world via Bitfxt Wallet.

Getting started on Bitfxt

Trading on Bitfxt is very easy. All you need do is signing up on their website by following the steps by step instructions given below.

  • Click on MENU at the right-hand corner of your screen (top corner).
  • Select REGISTER and click on it.
  • Fill the form that shows up with your username, email address, password, country, and phone number.
  • Click on the SIGN-UP button after passing the CAPTCHA test and filling the form displayed.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you via your email address. Click on this message to activate and log in to your account.
  • After the activation, verification of your identity follows. Following, the processes below, you can be verified.
  • Input your active phone number

Your BVN (bank verification number)

A picture of you holding a paper written Bitfxt and the date

How to trade on Bitfxt

The Bitfxt platform offers different trading methods, which includes;

The Quick buy and sell Model.

  • After creating a Bitfxt account, click on the MENU button at your screen’s top right-hand corner.
  • Fill the form the follows below and fill in your sell (the coin you wish to sell) and your receive (the amount and quantity of coin you want to sell) and the purpose of selling.
  • Click on SWAP.
  • Immediately, the coins will be sent to your wallet.

Trade4me Model

  • Sign up for a boundless pay account
  • Generate your wallet.
  • The top left corner of your screen hosts the MENU panel, click on it.
  • Click on deposit and select the method you want to fund your wallet with.
  • After funding your account, go back to the MENU and select EARN, after which select TRADE4ME.
  • Select your preferred offer amongst any of the offers presented.
  • Click on TRADE NOW.

Bitfxt Supported Cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitfxt coin
  • Binance coin
  • Tatcoin
  • Flash coin
  • DASH
  • Chainlink
  • Tron

Bitfxt Exchange- Great platform for Crypto trading

Bitfxt is a great platform for Digital trading and Cryptocurrency exchange. It incorporates different services that are helpful to investors. There are numerous features to choose from making it one of the best exchanges in Africa and Nigeria

Bitfxt ratings: 7/10

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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