Wall Street Expert Predict Double-Digit Rise for XRP Inspired by Microsoft and Apple

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Several major financial institutions predict that the digital asset market might experience a significant $14.5 trillion influx of investments in the upcoming years. Influential individuals within the XRP community are confident that XRP could capture a significant portion of these funds.

Linda Jones, a Wall Street financial analyst who supports XRP, is among those who hold this belief. In a recent social media post, Jones conveyed the idea that liquidating XRP at the moment could be likened to offloading Microsoft and Apple stocks during their initial stages.

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$14.5 Trillion Into Digital Assets

Following the disclosure of information by an XRP analyst regarding a document from HSBC Bank and Northern Trust, both major global financial service companies, Jones expressed her optimistic perspective.

The document outlined a projection that the total value of all assets would reach $145.5 trillion by 2025. Furthermore, it anticipated that digital assets could account for as much as 10% of this sum, equating to $14.5 trillion.

Significantly, the seasoned financial expert from Wall Street concurred with this estimate. She holds the belief that substantial rewards await individuals who retain valuable digital assets such as XRP, as the anticipated influx of funds is likely to materialize.

Jones conveyed that individuals who are currently investing are positioning themselves at an exceptionally early stage, considering that the prices of assets are still considerably low. In her own words:

“Yes, the numbers are that big ($14.5 T). The money will flow digitally, and you own a very valuable asset. You are early, not wrong.

Furthermore, Jones likened the situation to early investors of the current industry titans who held their stocks through tough days. The financial analyst asked rhetorically: “If you knew you owned the next Microsoft or Apple stock, would you be in a rush to sell in its early days?”\

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Could XRP be Potentially Profitable as Apple and Microsoft Stocks?

In 1986, Microsoft became a publicly traded company by offering its shares at $21 each. Over time, these shares have experienced significant growth, now valued at over $300. Likewise, Apple went public in 1980 at a price of $22 per share. Presently, Apple’s stock is valued at $174.49.

Analysts propose that XRP might undergo a comparable journey. Factors such as Ripple’s potential public offering lead experts to speculate that XRP could see an increase in value and reach double-digit figures in the forthcoming years.

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