DogeCoin NFT Community Sets Kabuso Dog’s Statue in Japan

Doge Community Places Kabuso Dog’s Statue in Japan

Dogecoin NFT holders, are collaborating with local authorities to erect a statue honoring Kabuso, the dog behind the meme.

Coming November 2 -the stipulated birthday of Kabuso, the community in partnership with the City of Sakura plans to unveil the statue in Sakura Japan. The purposed location for erecting the statue-Furusato Square, has been said to be a spot frequently visited by Kabosu and her owner.

“We’ve been operating for over two years, bringing Doge to places she’s never been, including Hollywood, EDM bangers and space (The Doge NFT going on a SpaceX mission to moon),” stated Tridog of PleasrDAO in a letter to CoinDesk.

He furthered by expressing PleasrDAO desire to be the go-to online gathering for the entire Doge and meme community.

DogeCoin Meme

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Doge Meme History

Earlier in 2010, Atsuko Sato a photographer brought the doge meme to life after snapping and posting a picture of Kabosu and its owner on a blog. The meme gained fame when John Monarch, the person who shared Atsuko’s photo on Reddit, gave her the name ‘doge’.

Ever since, Kabuso has become a staple of internet culture and was one of the earliest memes. Following such developments, Dogecoin was birth in 2013, and in years that followed, other dog-themed tokens emerged which reached market capitalizations in billions of dollars during their peak performance.

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