Cardano Set to Launch Its Alonzo Hard Fork Smart Contract in September

Cardano Set to Launch Its Alonzo Hard Fork Smart Contract in September

Cardano’s set to go live with smart contracts as part of Alonzo’s hard fork on September 12th.

Cardano Prepare for Alonzo’s Hard Fork September Release

The team behind the Cardano blockchain has set a date for the highly anticipated introduction of the smart contract.

According to the latest announcement from Input-Output, the team that developed Cardano, the release of the smart contract will be carried out on September 12th via a hard fork called “Alonzo”.

The launch of smart contracts on the proof-of-stake blockchain will enable the rollout of dApps covering use cases like DeFi written in their internal programming language, Plutus.

Cardano’s Delivery Director Nigel Hemsley confirmed the update in the video stream. “We’re moving fast to a hard fork on the mainnet,” he said. “Our development and testing teams are working very hard to make sure that the components are updated and ready for the final Alonzo release.”

Cardano Faces Criticism for Delay

In the past, the team has been criticized for its slow deployment and lack of smart contracts. Cardano has made significant strides over the past few months, gradually setting the schedule for implementing smart contracts.

Last week, Input-Output implemented Alonzo Purple, the first public testnet version of the project. The project is currently in the penultimate phase of a series of Alonzo testnet and will undergo a mainnet hard fork next month as planned.

Alonzo Purple opens the network to the community to test smart contract codes, run validation nodes, and run mortgage assets. As for the mainnet hard fork schedule, the team will finalize the main candidate version of the node next week. In addition, there is a focus on software testing and last-minute inspections to drive the final deployment.

In preparation for the release, the team pointed out that a complete software package must be prepared for more than 140 exchanges, including components such as DB-Sync, Cardano Wallet, Rossetta API and GraphQL Explorer. To achieve this goal, the Cardano Foundation is working with 140 exchanges to begin integrating Alonzo Purple.

Once all software components are ready, the next step is to implement the final test network on September 1st, which should be the final stage before the mainnet launch.

As the launch date approaches, Cardano’s native token ADA soared today, entering the top three cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It is up 17% in the past 24 hours and topped $2 for the first time since May. Cardano has a market capitalization of $64.3 billion, just behind the two leading cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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