Cardano CEO Dismisses Its Upcoming Smart Contract Launch Skepticism

Cardano CEO Dismisses Its Upcoming Smart Contract Launch Skepticism

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson once again criticized those who claim Cardano will not launch smart contracts.

Charles Hoskinson Sarcastic Tweet to Opponents 

In a mean tweet, he pledged to set up a fund to pay for the treatment of critics.

“It’s extraordinary to me the level of skepticism about our upcoming smart contract launch. It’s not something like SCs will be underwhelming, but rather it simply won’t happen. The critics say it with biblical level certainty. We should start a fund to pay for their therapy.”

As reported by U. Today, it is loudly predicted that opponents of Cardano will experience a breakdown and grumpiness.

According to the roadmap previously announced by IOHK, the largest proof-of-stake blockchain is expected to launch smart contracts in early September.

However, most Polymarket users believe that Cardano’s Goguen era won’t start on Oct. 1, betting against Hoskinson.

Can Cardano reach $3?

The cryptocurrency market has finally broken free from consolidation. After a long period of bearish sentiment, last week allowed cryptocurrency buyers to push prices higher. Although the average performance of most cryptocurrencies has increased by 20%, Cardano’s response rate is below average and prices have increased by an average of 10%. Alonzo’s improvements will be coming soon, but will they be successfully implemented?

It’s hard to predict if Cardano will hit $3, especially given the latest developments in its infrastructure and blockchain. But if we look at ADA’s previous price action, we can definitely make educated guesses. From a technical perspective, based on what happened before, the price needs to break through and stay above the strong resistance zone of $1.46.

On the other hand, it is important that the entire cryptocurrency market remains in good shape. This offers buyers a healthy opportunity to get into the market, especially for those following the guidelines and waiting for good fundamentals to be traded for their altcoins.

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