Cardano CEO Reveals the Exact Date of the Announcement of the Smart Contract Launch

Cardano CEO Reveals the Exact Date of the Announcement of the Smart Contract Launch

Cardano is about to introduce smart contracts. Cardano CEO reveals when it will announce the precise date following the skepticism of the company by critics.

Mid-August: the Date for the Announcement of the Alonzo Hard Fork Launch

In a recent live broadcast, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson announced that the date of the Alonzo hard fork combinator event will be announced in mid-August:

According to the latest information from Hoskinson, Cardano will activate smart contracts in late August and early September.

From next week IOHK will begin to introduce exchange partners and enter the “purple” phase of the multi-stage Alonzo upgrade. Hoskinson said:

We will definitely know this date based on the feedback we receive from exchanges, EMURGO and other partners who need to integrate.

As usual, the HFC event must be triggered five days before it occurs.

In early March, Cardano launched the Mary Hard Fork and turned it into a multi-asset blockchain.

Cardano (ADA) Price Holds 200MA for the First Time in two Months

With the bulls refusing to keep it below values, Cardano’s price stayed around the $1.00 mark for several months. This shows the strength of Cardano as it has kept sales above 4000% since last year. Over the past few weeks, the crypto market found at the local bottom and ADA is up nearly 35% since. This is a good rebound, but based on data on the performance of other tokens, ADA’s price should soon be ready to hit a larger rise of more than $1.40.

If we look at the lowest major support area of ​​$0.98 – $1.03, we can see the price rebound from this area twice. This is considered a double bottom and confirms a bottom is surely in for some time. Just over the last day Cardano price has finally cleared over its mid-term trend line and has since held.

“This is a great sign as the price was stuck under it for nearly 2 months. Continuing to hold over this mark will likely set ADA up for a run past $1.40.”

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