Blockchain Conference 2021 – OAU

Blockchain Conference 2021 - OAU

The drive for blockchain adoption and the hunger for knowledge keeps increasing each year as we now see young scholars within our African universities building clubs and communities to help spread the word about blockchain technology and the potentials it brings.

As more individuals understand the importance of this education, there is a burning desire and drive to educate others around them, both far and near, starting from our African Universities.

Blockchain OAU is a community of young minds driven to educate people on leveraging blockchain technology in their everyday activities. They also help young minds develop skills like crypto trading, blockchain Development, and other digital skills like community management, social media, content creation, etc.,

Their goal is to become the go-to community in Africa for young minds to learn about blockchain technology and its potentials.

The recent event, held on the 4th September 2021, pulled over 1000+ in attendance from two to three states within Nigeria and speakers from different parts of Nigeria and abroad.

It was designed to educate the students within Obafemi Awolowo University and other counterparts that traveled from other states to share their knowledge about the opportunities in the blockchain space. 

The speakers shared deep insights on how one can successfully find their niche within the blockchain space and leverage the opportunities it carries.

Among other points and topics discussed, one of the most crucial take-home points was the importance of being a part of a community because it all begins there. This was bolstered by one of the speakers, Barineka Maagbo, Growth Hacker, Bluzelle.

It is a different ball game when you are part of a community that can guide you through a career path compared to when you choose to build that career with little or no guidance. 

Being a part of a community makes it much easier to learn, grow, relate with the right people who would help you on whatever path you choose to journey on in this new and evolving technology, Blockchain.

Blockchain OAU is setting an example of the importance of a community and its impacts. We look forward to seeing more young scholars doing great things in the blockchain and crypto space.

Kudos to the organizers of this event: Blessing Emah, Michael Jerry, Nonso Odion,Afeez Oladimeji, Ireoluwa Agboola, Victor Oniyelu, Ogbaje Stephen Annozie, Oladoyin Joshua, Israel Rex, Suleman Hezekiah, Adetunji Michael, Ajayi Matthew Oluwasijibomi, Oreoluwa Makinwa, Fawole Victor Oleleye and Sanni Abdulateef Akinola. We anticipate version 2 of this event because they outdid themselves this time.

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