Bitfinex Launches a Technology for Contactless Digital Payment

Bitfinex Launches a Technology for Contactless Digital Payment

Bitfinex is a Crypto trading platform, has announced the launching of a payment technology (Bitfinex Pay) that allows online merchants to receive contactless and limitless digital token payments.

Bitfinex Customers to Receive Contactless and Limitless Digital Payments

The company hopes to attract businesses of all sizes by providing online merchants with the ability to receive contactless and limitless digital token payments, using an in built widgets

Bitfinex Pay widget can be integrated into websites that facilitate online payments. Users can pay with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Lightning Network BTC (LN-BTC) and Tether tokens (USDT) via Ethereum or Tron. Payments made via Bitfinex Pay are deposited directly into Bitfinex’s merchant exchange.

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex said: “As a native of the cryptocurrency space, we aim to leverage our tech knowledge and the old payment giants to leverage our tech knowledge to bring crypto payments into the mainstream.” he said

He further noted that there was a major switch in the adoption of crypto payments in recent years.”When it comes to cryptocurrency payments, the mindset has changed from generation to generation, and the next generation of consumers has adapted to the many new opportunities offered by digital payments.” he adde

Customers of merchants with integrated payment technology can be directed to the payment gateway by simply clicking the Bitfinex Pay button.After paying with the cryptocurrency accepted by the merchant, the customer is redirected back to the merchant’s website.

Paypal’s Replica 

Although it works in a similar way to PayPal, the San Jose-based online payment giant has not yet mastered the cryptocurrency issue. Although American customers can use PayPal to purchase a limited number of cryptocurrencies, the company does not yet support the feature of using cryptocurrencies for payment.

The minds of Bitfinex believe that this is where they can switch to one of the financial giants they yearn for. Although there is no processing fee for using Bitfinex Pay, all transaction fees incurred for the relevant blockchain are borne by online merchants and their customers. The limit for any customer to pay with Bitfinex Pay is $1,000.

 Mr Ardoino also said, “This is the age of digital money, and with Bitfinex Pay we’ve created an intuitive and seamless way for online merchants to receive payments in crypto.”

“Bitfinex Pay enables merchants to be easily equipped to support crypto payments as increasing numbers of consumers become more comfortable with paying for goods and services using digital tokens.”

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