Singapore Creates Blockchain-based Covid-19 Test Verification

Singapore Creates Blockchain-based Covid-19 Test Verification

Singapore has created a blockchain-based standard to validate Covid-19 tests, according to local reports. The standard is intended to make it easier for governments to review health documents within their borders quickly.

Covid certificate standard based on blockchain

Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore’s Minister for Smart Nations Planning, announced blockchain-based digital standards to publish the Covid-19 test results. The digital solution called HealthCerts uses blockchain technology to create an immutable digital standard.

The solution was developed by the Singapore Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

HealthCerts is compatible with local and global standards and aims to expedite travelers’ immigration process at local and foreign borders. Travelers who take a Covid-19 test in Singapore before leaving will receive their results via a digital certificate from HealthCerts. The certificate will be in the form of a link or attachment.As soon as the test result is negative, the traveler must upload the clinic’s digital certificate to the notary website.

Legalization enables digital certificates to be checked and identified at local and international airports. After successfully submitting the certificate, the traveler receives a notarized digital copy of the Covid-19 test certificate with the QR code. Once completed, passengers can present a notarized certificate or QR code at the airport and immigration checkpoints.

After scanning the QR code, airline staff and immigration authorities verify the certificate’s authenticity using the information stored in the blockchain. The test results will also be available on the SingPass mobile app for mobile identity in Singapore.

HealthCerts is based on an open-source framework called OpenAttestation, which is based on the blockchain and can review information without third-party software. The Singapore government is also considering expanding the use cases of HealthCert vaccine certificates.

Blockchain is increasingly used for Covid-19 verification

Governments and organizations continue to develop blockchain solutions to manage the effects of covid-19. As vaccines have already been introduced in several countries, tests and vaccinations need to be checked appropriately.

The blockchain’s ability to validate data and its immutability has led to its being used in various solutions. Several airlines, including Emirates and Air France, recently tried blockchain-based mobile applications to meet COVID-19’s travel requirements.

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