Attempting To Claim AllNodes Work Credit: Terra Classic Development Group

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According to a tweet yesterday from Classy, who revealed Discord conversations from the developer, Rex Harrison, alias Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly), a senior member of TerraCVita, a separate Terra Classic development team, described issues the community has with the Terra Station and promises to fix them.

The incompatibility with the Interchain Station is one of these problems, as is the infrastructure instability that has impacted stakings and withdrawals.

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However, the message caused a stir. Asobs (@Asobs CNG), another influential member of the community, pointed out that the problems and solutions presented by the senior TerraCVita member are nearly identical to those presented by Jared, a member of the Terraform Labs staff, just a few days earlier. According to a plagiarism check performed by Asobs, who questioned why it appeared that the TerraCVita was attempting to claim credit for the message, it was notably a 79.3% match with the prior message from Jared.

Roy Monday (@Roy_Monday) has stated that this is a corrected version of Jared’s message. Nevertheless, Jared refuted this claim, and it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Jared had previously indicated that Allnodes was currently providing backup Terra Station infrastructure due to the instability of the current infrastructure. Additionally, he mentioned that Allnodes, the Terra Rebels, and TerraCVita were among the groups working on a solution for the infrastructure.

According to Rexzy, TerraCVita provides the backup infrastructure, not Allnodes. Furthermore, he mentions TerraCVita, TFL, and Terra Rebels as organizations that are working on an infrastructure update to address stability issues. TerraCVita is said to be collaborating with TFL, whereas Jared is silent on plans to integrate the Classic network into the Interchain station.

Jared tweeted, “It’s not a mistake,” in response to Monday’s accusations that he had misspoken when he said Allnodes was supplying backup infrastructure.

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Therefore, it seems that Rexzy and the TerraCVita are attempting to take credit for the work that Allnodes did. Rexzy hasn’t said anything yet. You may recall that Tobias Andersen, a.k.a. Zaradar, a Terra Classic Core developer, accused Rexzy of plagiarism.

It was noted last week that the switch from Terra Station to Interchain Station would likely result in the termination of Station support for Terra Classic. This is due to TFL’s requirement that Terra Classic developers update the wallet prefix of the Classic network, which it shared with LUNAv2, which was a process that had never been done before. The Terra Rebels believe each network upgrade will take at least six months, with an unrealistic deadline of December 15. Developers also had to complete additional network upgrades.

TFL has discovered a way for Terra Station and the Interchain Station to coexist, as was later reported. According to Jared, TFL will produce a copy of the current Terra Station wallet for the Classic community because Interchain Station cannot currently support the Terra Classic network.
Notably, recent developments have led to a change in development roles on the network. In their move to create a TFL independent wallet with Rebel Station, the Terra Rebels have handed over support for the Terra Station to TerraCVita.

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