Jared Says Terra Classic Can Have Great Benefits From TFL Independence

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Jared, a Terraform Labs employee who recently acted as a liaison between TFL and the Terra Classic community, claims that the Terra Classic network would benefit significantly from being free of TFL.

An influential member of the Terra Classic community, Classy, revealed this in a tweet today while posting a screenshot of a Discord communication from Jared. 

It’s noteworthy that the TFL staff member said this while outlining how TFL intends to collaborate with TFL developer groups to address issues faced by community members on Terra Station.

According to the developer, TFL is prepared to play a less active supporting role until the community can stand on its own regarding infrastructure, user experience, and technology.

“There are major benefits to the classic community for becoming independent from TFL in infra, user Ul, and tooling,” Jared wrote.

 “When such a time comes that there is a robust infrastructure and parity of product feature, TFL is willing to exit direct support.”

What Does This Mean for Terra Classic

Jared also revealed that TFL is actively exchanging information with Terra Rebels, Allnodes, and TerraCVita, which are constructing infrastructure to address problems with staking and withdrawals. 

This information should be noted. Jared further emphasized that, as stated, they will give users a copy of the current Terra Station version rather than discontinuing support for Terra Classic once Terra switches to the Interchain Station.

The TFL crew thinks the community has a unique chance to embrace a Station app that best meets their needs by introducing innovations like a dashboard tracking the burn.

In light of recent events, the Terra Rebels have chosen to redirect their attention from maintaining the Terra Station to building the Rebel Station as they strive for TFL independence. 

However, the TerraCVita has recently criticized the Terra Rebels for this choice in tweets, as the separate developer organizations seem to be competing for supremacy.

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