Zaradar and Kim Won’t Be Leaving Terra Classic; Confirms Working on a New Team

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In a tweet posted today, Terra Classic core developer Tobias Andersen, aka Zaradar, allayed concerns that he could quit the community.

Zaradar reassures the LUNC community that he will not leave, but he and Kim will work on a new LUNC development team.

Zaradar claims that despite leaving the Terra Rebels, he stays in the neighborhood. 

Zaradar advises the community to continue concentrating on construction and says he intends to focus on Layer 1 development work immediately.

“I am not leaving the community; I am simply trying to focus the time I have on L1 and let TR grow onto a path of its own,” Zaradar added. “Let’s all just look forward and focus on building rather the battling.”

Remember that the developer, as reported, made the decision to leave the Terra Rebels yesterday and cited disagreements regarding funding. 

Naturally, the choice increased worries that the reputable developer would abandon the network.

Hours before Zaradar tweeted, Classy (@ClassyCrypto_), a community influencer, said that the developer was getting ready to start a new development team with core developer Edward Kim.

Notably, Crypto King (@CryptoKing NFT), a fellow community influencer, echoed the same attitude, imploring the community to support them when the time comes.

Despite the lack of a source, this seems probable, given yesterday’s comment from Terra Rebels moderator ClanMudhorn. 

According to the message released yesterday, Zaradar had asked for funds at Layer 1 for a group of developers unaffiliated with the Terra Rebels.

Notably, the community was thrilled to see Zaradar’s tweet today because there had been concerns yesterday that the network would lose a crucial developer.

These follow a controversial plan that gave the Terra Rebels access to 937.5 million from the neighborhood pool.

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