XRP to $10,000: Exploring the Potential and Challenges

XRP to $10,000: Exploring the Potential and Challenges

In a recent podcast, crypto experts Farina and Aljarrah discussed why they believe XRP could reach $10,000. Aljarrah proposed that central banks and institutions like the IMF would “set” XRP’s price, akin to companies setting high initial stock prices during IPOs.

Aljarrah suggested that central banks and IMF-like institutions would “set” XRP’s price, akin to companies setting high IPO prices. Additionally, he stated that XRP’s unique technology and growing adoption will increase its liquidity value. Moreover, he asserted that XRP must reach targets like $10,000 to be more universally accepted for settlements.

$10,000 For XRP Is “Realistic

Similarly, Edoardo Farina supported the $10,000 outlook for XRP, citing its underlying technology and the early stage of the crypto market, currently valued at around $2.3 trillion. He noted that the market has ample room for growth over the next five years. Farina emphasized 

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XRP’s superiority as a payment vehicle and its potential for tokenizing assets like gold, real estate, and luxury goods. Envisioning XRP’s crucial role in the financial system, he predicts a significant price increase with the growth of cross-border payments and tokenization.

Comparing XRP To Bitcoin

Farina compared Bitcoin’s rise from $500 to $10,000 and now $73,000, noting that speculation drove it without much utility beyond being a store of value. Given XRP’s crucial role in global finance, he expressed confidence in the $10,000 target, stating, “It sounds unrealistic at first, but when you understand the technology, it’s inevitable.”

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Currently, XRP trades at $0.5181, with its highest price being $3.84 in early 2018. To reach $10,000, XRP would need to grow by 1,930,029%, resulting in a market capitalization of an extraordinary $999 trillion. This exceeds the projected global wealth of $629 trillion by 2027, causing many to dismiss the $10,000 idea as implausible.

If XRP alone were valued at $999 trillion, it raises questions about the potential market caps of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.

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