XRP to $1,000: How Will the Market React to Price Milestones?

XRP Whales Make Major Moves Amid Market Fluctuations

BarriC, a prominent XRP commentator, recently discussed potential market reactions as XRP hits various price milestones on its anticipated journey to $1,000. Consistently maintaining that XRP will eventually reach four-digit values, BarriC faces criticism from skeptics. Nonetheless, he believes people will ultimately consider even a $500 XRP a bargain.

Current Sentiment And Near-Term Predictions

Currently, frustration dominates the sentiment towards XRP, which is valued below $0.50. Many label it a dead coin, especially as XRP leads the ranks of underperforming crypto assets in this bull market. For instance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Solana saw gains of about 50% in Q1, while XRP registered a 5% loss according to Ripple’s latest quarterly report. Moreover, during the last quarter of 2023, as the bull market frenzy began, XRP only saw a 7% gain, which it subsequently lost.

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Despite these setbacks, BarriC and other optimistic XRP enthusiasts believe this underperformance is temporary. He predicts that when XRP reclaims the $1 price point it lost three years ago, the community will likely remain dismissive. However, reactions might shift slightly upon reaching $3. BarriC believes dismissive voices will argue that $3 is a “pathetic ATH” rather than acknowledging the feat. Notably, XRP last reached its ATH of $3.84 in January 2018, six years ago.

Milestones At $10, $100, And $1,000

BarriC expects FOMO to set in at $10, though critics may hope for a pullback to $3. At $100, he believes people will recognize XRP’s utility in payments and RWA tokenization, boosting investment interest.

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Finally, if XRP reaches $1,000, BarriC speculates that most of the crypto community will view XRP as an essential asset, with people saving up all month to buy one XRP at that price. While some share this optimistic view, others consider it wishful thinking. In a separate discussion, an X user noted that three years ago, XRP reached $1.96 even though it lacked regulatory clarity and was embroiled in a lawsuit.

Now, three and a half years later, XRP is at $0.48, even with U.S. court clarity, relisting on major exchanges like Coinbase, and Grayscale reinstating XRP in its DLC Fund. Despite these positive developments, the price performance has been underwhelming. Consequently, many have lost confidence in XRP, although some retain a sense of optimism.

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