XRP Defies Superstitions and Achieves Historic Victory on July 13 As Ripple CTO Celebrates Win

David Schwartz

David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, announced on Twitter that July 13 marked a significant victory for XRP as it achieved a groundbreaking decision from a US court in its favor against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

XRP’s Memorable July 13 Achievement 

David Schwartz’s tweet carried a profound significance that resonated with the XRP community, acknowledging it as a momentous milestone in their journey. Surprisingly, this achievement occurred on July 13, a day traditionally associated with superstitions and considered unlucky in some cultures.

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The court ruling in favor of Ripple against the SEC on this supposedly inauspicious day dealt a severe blow to the regulatory body’s case. This turn of events prompted the XRP community to celebrate, relishing the irony of the number 13 transforming from a symbol of ill fortune to a symbol of triumph.

The victory of Ripple in their long-lasting legal battle marks a significant turning point, where superstitions were defied and justice prevailed on the noteworthy date of July 13.

Crypto Community Shares Excitement

Astrals, a pioneering entertainment label utilizing the XRP Ledger, commended the steadfast dedication and resilience of the XRP community, emphasizing that the recent triumph is merely the start of a new chapter. Their statement captured the shared belief that the clouds of uncertainty have dissipated, opening up a path to a future filled with thrilling opportunities.

Crypto Assets Guy, a prominent figure in the XRP community, passionately expressed his unwavering belief in the exceptional nature of XRP, boldly proclaiming it to be the most remarkable digital asset ever devised. His statement resonated with numerous XRP enthusiasts who view this recent victory as evidence of XRP’s power and potential within the cryptocurrency realm.

Notably, XRP experienced a significant surge of over 70% within the past 24 hours following the favorable court ruling, reaching a value of $0.93.

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